Can I Join rangers after

can i join ranger after my rotc 101st airborne contract is up, or do they just make you leave?

say i could, how?

what rank do i need to be as an officer to attempt to join Rangers and Army Special forces?

Just need to know because i have to decide if i should go rotc for 101st or join rangers enlisted. I wanna make a career in the army so i wanna do rotc but if that means i cant do the rangers ill just enlist in rangers.

Lastly, say I did join the rangers enlisted could i make a long career of it. I always thought id have to be an officer because then they could just promote you to a less dangerous rank as you get too old to fight but I don't know how long your allowed in enlisted?
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Here's some starting points

You can join the Ranger Rgt as an Officer. You need to be a senior 1LT or CPT in the right year group to join SF as an officer. See the link for more info.
If you enlisted as an Infantryman, you could in theory stay in the Ranger Rgt your whole career. I can't tell you how likely this is to actually happen.
You can enlist directly to SF if you meet the minimum requirements and pass the grueling selection process. If you enlist and then try to go SF, you must be at least an E-4.
In my experience as an officer when you get Commissioned as in month can allow you to do all these things Rangers or SF or prevent from them because you always end up in the wrong group because of deployments. If you go enlisted you will be guaranteed a chance but it is only a chance to do what you want upon enlisting.
You can join Rangers as an officer but you have to go through ROP(Ranger Orientation Program).If you go enlisted then you can get a RIP(Ranger Indoctrination Program) contract when you enlist provided the MOS you choose is needed at the 75th. If you plan on being 11B then it should be no problem. As far as staying at 75th for your entire career as an officer, you have to leave and come back at certain points in your career. Enlisted can stay there as long as there are slots available. Hope that helps.

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