Can I join the Army?

I want to join the army. I have made some mistakes in the past. I've talked with a recruiter and I was told that I wasn't able to join. I was wondering if this is true. The mistakes I made were not felonies or anything serious. At the time I spoke with them it was about a year ago. Please help with any advice... Thank you.
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When you clear up your past history make sure that all the cases have been satisfied, meaning that they are completely taken care of. That includes the traffic tickets too. A lot of times there are things outstanding that you don't even know about.

If the events were recent that could be an issue too. Sometimes you have to have a cool off period which shows you have seen the error in your ways and taken steps to better yourself.

All the services have had an influx of people wanting to join in support the war or due to the bad economy, so recruiters are more selective now about prospective candidates.
You are not qualified to join. The DUI is waiverable but the possession charge is not. The only banches that are processing drug waivers are the Marines and the National Guard. Plus from what I understand the National Guard enlistment standards vary from state to state.
Also, you cant join ANY branch with ANY open violaions.
Well, its can't join because you made a series of mistakes that have compounded themselves. The Army (or any branch for that matter) isn't an option if you messed up everywhere else in life. Also you had your chance to demonstrate service to country about 2 years ago when enlistment standards were more where were ya then?
No one on here is being negative they are telling you the truth. The Army has to cut back on 22,000 Soldiers very quickly so why would they let someone that has outstanding records join? Thats the way life is you made your decisions and now you have to live with them. You have to better yourself then try to join later that is all everyone is saying.
Originally posted by deeah:
wow, some people are so inspirational!

The purpose of this forum is for the professional development of soldiers. We are not here to recruit or inspire.

Well... I will exceed the boundaries you pathetic negative people think!

Go for it! It probably won't be in the Army (at least not any time soon) but I encourage your aspirations.

Why dont you go give some more positive advice.
Because we strive to provide correct information.

Given advice: Try the Marines or the Guard

Inferred advice: pay your traffic tickets;
look for a more desperate recruiter;
keep your nose clean for a while, the standards might change.

Fact of the matter is that the Army like any other employer is looking for the best people it can get. You are a less than ideal applicant; your prospective employer has many more better qualified applicants. I doubt a trucking company would hire you with a possession charge either.
Originally posted by EODbot:
Definitely joined with a possession of marijuana charge and currently hold a Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented Information security clearance.

Joined WHEN?

The last couple years I've visited this forum (my only contact with recruiters) I've seen recruiting standards and numbers do a 180degree turn.

Just a couple years ago ANYONE could get in.
Just the last year bonuses have been cut, standards have become tougher, waivers are harder to get.

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