Can not log onto OWA, recieve Error 500

I have search all over the internet and read some threads on this forums about how to access my conus email from home. My search lead me to this website I have tried to access the link for JBLM and then other links just to check them out to see if any of them will work for me. My CAC card works when I attempt to log into other sites such as AKO but when I try to log into my email through OWA I get an Error Code:

500 Internal Server Error. The server denied the specified Uniform Resource Locator (URL). Contact the server administrator. (12202)

Does any one have any solution to this problem for me? I use Internet Explorer and Vista 64 Bit.

Thanks in advance
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If you've followed all the steps to install the card reader, certificates, etc... and can login to AKO using your CAC,

Try closing all browser windows. Make sure your CAC is inserted and wait until the reader is ready (lights stops blinking or is blinking or whatever)

THEN open the browser and try typing in the proper URL (website address). Make sure it's "HTTPS" whatever.
When I clicked on the link it looked for my CAC. (I don't even have the cardreader plugged in.) So something IS working on their end.

Are other websites working for you?
go to start/run and type "CMD" then hit enter. You should have a black box with the "command prompt."
Type "Ping"

This tests that your link to a Domain Name Server (DNS) works. It should come back with an IP address in numbers, and the pings should "reply".

Try clearing all your cookies, restarting the computer.
Are you selecting a certificate when you log in? Do you typically select a certificate when logging in to AKO?

Most CAC enabled sites use the ID certificate, but OWA uses your email certificate. If you select the wrong one, or your browser automatically selects it, your access will be denied.
I am new to this forum but this question is relevant to my situation. If I were to have picked the wrong certificate that enterprise was looking for how would I be able to change that to the correct certificate? It doesnt even give me the chance to...just gives me the error 500 code.
I closed everything out, even restarted the computer, but it still does not give me the choice to pick which certificate I can use. A screen pops up telling me which certificate it is trying to use, asking for my pin, which I type in. It then proceeds to take me to the error 500
Originally posted by MSG W:
I know this is old, but when you go to Internet Options, then Advanced, make sure that

SSL 2.0
SSL 3.0
TLS 1.0

are all checked. For some reason, with IE sometimes they become unchecked for no reason.

I am a Signal Warrant and you really do not need any SSL values to be checked (just TLS), since they are much older protocols and prone to vulnerabilities. Sadly, many .mil older websites still require them.

So SSL 2.0 is not really required. You can uncheck that part and it will still work.

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