can they kick u out for having problems passing the PT test in running

our son was told that if he doesn't pass his PT running in Jan. he will most likely be kicked out of the military.. can this happen.. he hurt his back during his deployment and is having trouble passing the running.. any comments would be helpful.. thank you
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Short answer yes you can be chaptered out of the Army for failing the pt test. Now it usually is a pattern for Soldiers that are recommended for separation. Now you say your son hurt his back. If he has legitimate issue then he needs to be seen and get a profile to recover. He cannot take a pt test while on profile. Hope this helps a little and best of luck to your son.
It just means that usually and the Army is getting more strict now with the drawdowns that you have to show a pattern of not passing the pt test. They will not "throw" you out after failing your first pt test. There is a process in place and a program for improving the pt score. Usually when you fail the first pt test you will be flagged and put in a remedial pt program. Usually the Soldier will take a diagnostic pt test monthly to check their progress. Ninety days from the initial failure the Soldier will take a record pt test if he fails this one then he could possibly be recommended for separation. (thrown out)
Soldier needs to go talk with the doctor and/or his leadership.
-Straight-up PT failure would be grounds to get kicked out.
-injury needs to be taken care of first, as long as the Soldier follows instructions and common-sense, if he doesn't feel the doctor is helping, get a second opinion.
-if the injury doesn't go away, there would be a "board" that meets to determine if he's still fit to serve. Some can, some can't. Basically if the injury makes him unable to do Soldier duties, he would be separated from the Army, but receive disability pay.

Good luck to him!

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