Can we stay past DEROS?

Our story is so long and crazy it would take forever so I'll try to keep it short. Is it possible to stay longer than your DEROS date? If so who should we talk to and what should we do? Are there any forms to fill out?

We have more than enough leave (74) and would like to take 30 days PCS leave. We'd like to stay in Germany for another 2 weeks past our DEROS to travel then go back stateside to spend time with family before reporting to our next duty station.

Thanks so much for reading this!

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Have you asked your leadership about this request?

And there are only few exemptions that can go beyond your DEROS (e.g. pregnant spouse) and because you want to travel is not one of them.

Have you received your orders already? Do you know you can request early report or a curtailment as well?

You can take up to the 45 days of leave (I did when I left Germany), if you require more time.

Also, here is the Army Regulation for overseas service. It may help you with your question to understanding how things work in regards to DEROS.
We seem to be getting the run around but it might have been since it was towards the end of the day. The reason why I asked was we scheduled a cruise since they said they were going to extend us for a few months. Our DEROS date was more than 3 months from his school date so my husband's unit just told him to put in his extension. We have travel insurance but we'd really like to go on this cruise.

Thanks for the info! I'll try to read through it =)
If you clear everything before you go on leave then there is nothing stopping you from taking leave in Germany in conjunction with your PCS. The three factors that I perceive will need your attention are as follows (there may be other things that I cannot think of):

1) Work it out with travel that you will be flying on whatever date you choose to.
2) Get the authorization well ahead of time for however much leave you want to take and keep the chain of command informed as to your plans.
3) Housing will not let you stay past your final out date so you will have to coordinate your own lodging for the duration of your time on leave.

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