Can you be denied sick-in-quarters?

Can you be denied sick-in-quarters?

i cant find the regulation anywhere on whether or not that is lawful for your chain of command can deny you quarters.. especially when the soldier truly sick and the quarters slip wasn't forged in anyway.

anyone have any idea?
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As with any situation like this, follow the order. Should anything happen the NCO in question should be held accountable. In addition utilize your 1st SGT's open door policy. If the 1SGT agrees with the SFC, and he most likely will, your options are to drop it or to continue up the chain.

Frankly, it's not worth it. You'll be looked down upon for the rest of the time those NCO's remain. Especially if this is an infantry unit. Work when your NCO's tell you to. If you end up hospitalized, it's on them.
I am likely too late to be of any help, but the European Regional Medical Command Inspector General recently briefed us on this topic. What they said contradicts my personal experience, but this sums it up:

Sick-In-Quarters is an order from a medical officer or someone acting on his behalf. The order is not to be questioned.

Incidentally, convalescent leave is a recommendation to the soldier's commander. This is pretty cut and dry, as it is the commander who signs the soldier's DA Form 31 authorizing him to take the leave.

DocBuchanan couldn't have said it better. If a soldier is given a directive that isn't illegal, immoral, or unethical, then he is expected to comply. Sick-in-quarters, profiles, and convalescent leave exist to prevent further illness/injury and to help the soldier perform his duties to the best of his ability. If a leader at any level decides not to honor the recommendation/order of a medical officer, he assumes all responsibility and liability for that soldier's health and welfare.
I would use the open door policy because even though the NCO who made the decision to ignore the quarters will take the heat, in the end of that situation the soldier who was sick is screwed. I don't know all the facts of the situation so I'll hold off trash talking about that decision but to avoid future happenings use the chain of command. Don't be someone who is afraid to speak up cause when you become an NCO
then you will have grown into the type of leader who never speaks up and stands up for what is right for their soldiers... Just my opinion.
AR 40-66, Chapter 13 DD form 689(Sick Call Slip), pages 134-135, 13-3, 4b, 2b QUARTERS: When the patient is returned to his or her unit or home for medically directed self treatment and is not to perform military duty until a medical officer indicates that he or she may perform such duties. (Note: the medical officer will indicate in the Remarks section the duration of the quarters status in number of hours, and indicatethe inclusive period (for example, Quarters, 24 hours, 0730, 17 May until 0730, 18 May 95). Quarters status will not normally exceed 72 hours.

Disclamer: Read more into the regulation before you just get a quarters slip and either head back to the barracks or your house. It goes on to say that the sick call slip must be taken back to the unit either by the individual or some kind of runner.
I have a quick question I was recently put on 72hrs of quarters for strep throat my plt leader signed my sick hall slip but told me i have to come in tomorrow in acus at 0900 when i am suppose to be on quarters for 2 more days can he do that if he already signed the slip approving my quarters

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