Cannot Reenlist due to not having attended WLC?`


I am an E5 with 11 years Reserve time. I got promoted in December. Retention is telling me that I cannot reenlist UNLESS I have completed WLC. However I have looked over AR 601-280, as well as several MILPER messages regarding WLC and I do not see anything to back this up. I do know that I am below the retention control point of 15 years so no worries there.
I only question this because 1) I cannot find the answer and 2) I have been "misinformed" at one time or another by nearly every retention NCO I have dealt with!
On a side note I extended for 12 months to deploy. I now want to reclass when I get home. I also read in 601-280 that extension(s) cannot exceed 23 months. Am I able to extend again for 10 or 11 months (not to exceed 23) in order to go to school? I will have 13 months left when I get home and to reclass requires 24 months left TIS.
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Disregard last, I see that you are.

First of all, 601-280 does not apply to you. You should be looking in 140-111. RCP is only for active duty, you need to look for MYOS.

Second, I don't know if you got bad info or misinterpreted what you were told, but WLC is not a requirement to reenlist, only to reenlist with a bonus (the SRIP list is your reference).

3rd, there are other factors disqualifying you from reenlistment bonuses.

4th, the limit on extensions is 48 months, but each rule has its own criteria. See AR 140-111 table 3-3. From what I can see, you are only eligible for one of those rules.

Lastly, you need to look back at the events of 27 December 2013 before you make plans to reup or reclass.
Thanks for the reply. I was actually told "you are a career soldier given your time in service. I cannot reenlist you unless you are an E5 AND have completed WLC." That is not verbatim but that is what I was told. Like I said before I have been mislead several times in the past.

I took a look at 3-3 on pg 20 of AR140-111 and, sorry, but I do not see which rule applies to me. You will have to forgive me some ARs are not very clear! Also, what are the other factors disqualifying me?
Lastly if you are referring to the thinning out of the service, I am willing to take that risk.

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