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Is it common for AD units to reimburse for civilian certifications and licenses or is this just a pipe dream not worth pursuing?

In particular I have a Registered Respiratory Therapist exam I am eligible to take once I complete the MOS school.

I am concerned if I do not pass I would be out more than a few hundred bucks. I obviously plan on giving max effort, but have really no insight.

Can the Army reimburse even if the exam is not passed?
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From what I remember, they cover one of each exam. Just spend some time reviewing, take the practice tests NBRC provides and invest in ketterings or linday jones.

IMHO, you can fail and retake many times, and in the end, it will be worth over $5000 of retakes for the cert.... I made 68K with minimal overtime with just my temp license here in San Antonio 2 years ago...
Not a pipe dream at all- you just have to find the 'right' people or websites which have the information.

I've taken 2x networking exams that cost around $250 each this year- and the next one is upwards of $500. All on the Army's dime.

Usually you'll have to commit to a service agreement afterwards, which is no issue if you have at least a year or two left.

Ask around the schoolhouse, ask others who have been in the field a while. Good luck with it-

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