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Hey i ship on jan 2, i am going for my physical on mon and tues.. My recruiter saved 92R for me but i want to change it, i want to ask my recruiter to search for an opening in 19D or 21B..should i ask this of him after or before the physical?
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Hey I did the same thing 8 years ago. I was actually headed in to sign my contract and decided I didn't want my mos any longer and told them straight up I wasn't going to join unless I could switch my mos. Just make sure you're going into a mos that you really want. I went from 92R to 11B and I'm sure since the two mos's that you want to go in are combat mos's they won't have any issues with it.
I tried to do the same thing when I came in, in 2002. I signed up to be a 92F and at the last minute I wanted to be 11B. I wasn't as forceful about it as SSG Fortitudine but I was probably further along in the process as well. Needless to say I went in as a Fueler for my first 3 years.
That job you have picked is just a Temporary Reservation, just go back in and talk to your recruiter, see if they can cancel it, just remember that if there are no other jobs in the system and then you want 92R back, it might not be there anymore, plus your recruiter can only pick a job and cancel it twice, after that its a phone call and a hassle to get another job picked. At least from my experiance.

Caveat on that, why didnt you look at all your other options before you picked that one? Was it your only option or did you just get talked into that one.

At least you should bring it up right away! Jobs come and go pretty quick.

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