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My BCT shipment date is on Sept 21st. I have more than 90 days left for my BCT. I really want to change my MOS. My recruiter says there are no jobs available now. Please let me know what is the procedure i need to follow for changing my MOS.He told he will try to change but cannot promise.I am planning to meet my recruiter at his office so what are the questions i need to ask?.Thanks.
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Sue, it is good that you are keeping your recruiter in the loop about what is going on in your decisions. Before I answer your questions, I have to ask you a few. What MOS do you have saved, and who messed up your head to change something that you reserved? Some advice I can give to you is that you have to have certain line scores for a MOS. 75+ an the ASVAB usually clears you across the board. You also need to have a physical that clears you for certain MOSes, that makes sure you aren't colorblind or wear glasses, can hear in a certain range etc. Finally some MOSes have prequals that you almost have to have an Associates Degree or higher before you get into it (like allready having Algebra and Chemistry). One perfect example I can think of is Respiratory Therapy. So my advice to you is that while there may be other positions out there you would rather do, there are so many different variables that qualify/disqualify you for a MOS. The last thing that I want to mention is that with Recruiting at historic high levels, and it being the end of the year, good luck with other opportunities, you really might not have a whole lot to choose.
Hi Corvette thanks for your reply. I scored 81 on the ASVAB and chose 68W. I was only told its medic and nothing else. Its my mistake i have not done any research before I chose 68W.Also I have aversion towards blood. I am really interested in any kind of office job. The bonus really does'nt matter to me. Please let me know what are the options and process for changing my MOS and I have more than 90 days for my shipment.
You "could" change your MOS before you ship out but it wont be to an office job, it will be to Infantry and other combat jobs, already went through this with another Recruit and thats all they offered him, oh and cook, thats it, the grass is not always greener on the other side.
AutobahnSHO, You have mentioned some soldiers change MOS before AIT.My recruiter could not change my MOS. I will be shipping on sept 21'st to BCT. I will complete my BCT and want to change my MOS after BCT. I dont mind loosing bonus. Can you please suggest based on your experience if it is possible changing MOS before AIT and how??
If you really want your recruiter to work for you, tell them you are NOT going to ship. Your recruiter will give you some baloney about getting in trouble, but you have to be sworn in before you ship anyway. That will get their attention. If you don't ship, your recruiter will gaet their a$$ reamed by their CoC, so that might help.

I am a former Drill Instructor and nothing made my blood boil more than recruiters that would not tell the truth to recruits.

Good luck.
I also want to change my mos. Thing is I currently have no ship date at all because I'm on a temporary medical disqualification. Would it be possible to just request a change in MOS when I go back to MEPs next month to get a new ship date? I was suppose to ship today. I wouldn't mind being a cook. =P
Originally posted by AutobahnSHO:
The ONE Soldier I saw do that here (at Signal AIT) just talked w/ the Platoon Sgt here, then talked with the Commander, they did some paperwork for 11B (Infantry) and he was gone about a week later..

Lol well of course, he opted for 11B. A LOT of MOS's are on a re-enlistment even the soldier already in the slot cannot reenlist to stay in it. MOS's are full. The Army is firing more than it is hiring...I don't want OP to get the wrong impression that it will be just as easy for him/her as it was for your soldier.
Hi ArmyWife: Interesting! I am glad you shared that.

Piggy backing on what you said - if a soldier must be put out let's do it the right way every time - I was working for another branch of the military and an Officer was put out - the man could not control his drinking, DUI's, etc. He was my client and we made sure he was hooked up for unemployment benefits in his home state, helped him find a place to live, relocation, and got him connected to the VA BEFORE he got out. At the TAP or ACAP one week class, they had the VA rep there reviewing all the military members' medical files from up at the hospital - I know because they all signed and gave me permission to go pick up their files for them to be screened for SC disability.

In the case here, our former Army Recruiter was transported to an Air Force Base to take the TAP class, he told me today. He said he did not receive any VA rep screening of his medical file - he said he did not know about that service and he was put out shortly thereafter. No hook up to the VA, and he had been in a mental hospital while active duty.

It is acknowledged that our Recruiters in the past and currently are at a disadvantage for receipt of services because they are stationed away from a military installation most of the time where all these services are consolidated. I think we have to do a better job at USAREC of ensuring that each Recruiter receives all their transition benefits under the law prior to discharge, because there is a law. We have to look out for the soldiers who have been ill, and we have to look out for the soldiers that the chain considers disciplinary or conduct problems. We have to set aside stigma and personal negative opinions and assure that these services are provided.

I am not taking a wide brush here and painting each USAREC involuntary discharge as hostile. But why do any of them have to be? The soldier is going out. I say let's leave them some dignity on the way out. The former Recruiter has stated to me that he was reminded over and over of the chain's opinion - he was a loser. When I saw the former Recruiter today, it crossed my mind that he was still fragile emotionally and so I was glad he is now with a doctor.

Thank you for the updated info, ArmyWife.

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