Chasing ghosts in Khost

By Greyhawk
COMBAT OUTPOST SABARI, AFGHANISTAN: The first explosion rocked Combat Outpost Sabari at about noon. A 107-mm rocket fired from the southwest arced over the base and detonated into a road 30 meters beyond the wire. It was immediately followed by a recoilless rifle round from the northwest that plowed into the hill in front of the base, and the rhythmic thump of an American .50 caliber machine gun returning fire. Afghan and American soldiers in three guard towers shot back at the source of a flash and smoke trail from the enemy recoilless, a ridge about 80 meters to the northwest.
Not long after, Bil Ardolino went on a patrol with soldiers from the outpost in search of whodunnit... and came back with a hellofa good story.
Walking in a staggered column down one of the narrow stone alleys, the soldiers came to a left-hand turn. The corridor cut 90 degrees left into an enclosed space, almost like a courtyard, that had a far exit surrounded on three sides by high walls. The Afghans at the head of the column had already moved out of the qalat, while six Americans in the center of the patrol were moving through the courtyard. As the men passed through the space, a faintly hissing pair of spheres arced over the far wall and bounded into the patrol. Three men shouted "grenade!" as the deadly objects landed in their midst...
Read the rest here, one of the finest first-hand accounts from Afghanistan I've seen in some time.
(I'll also point out that in the reader comments following the story you'll hear from one of the soldiers wounded on that expedition - in fact, he's the guy in the photograph - and his mother, too.)
Added: Bill's also provided a 26-picture slideshow of that adventure here.
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