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Currently I am a 37F (Psyop) and I am in my reenlistment window. I have submitted my packet for CID a few months ago and am still waiting on word. My question is: If I reenlist now and get the bonus under 37F, and then later my CID packet gets approved, would I owe the bonus back to the Army? I have talked to my Career Counselor, but he says things like "I would say.." and I was hoping someone had a little more insight? Thanks for your help.
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Are we talking 31D or 311A?

I'm assuming you're RA, and I can't speak with authority on their policies.

USAR side, recoupment and termination isn't required if the reclass was due to normal career progression. This would normally be for MOSs within the same CMF (e.g. a 91J becomes a 91C at SSG). You shouldn't have to repay your bonus just because you get promoted.

31D is a bit special in that it is not available as skill level 1. 35L, CMF 18 and CMF 79 are the same. This means that those MOSs are considered normal career progression for any MOS. See DA PAM 611-21.

Again, I'm not qualified to say you'll keep the bonus, but this provision is easily overlooked.

Now if it's a warrant packet, I'm not sure what to tell you. USAR and RA policy are much more likely to diverge on this one.

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