I'm waiting for my orders to CISAC/ follow on assignment orders. I'm scheduled to go in NOV2012. Does anyone know if my orders will say how much time I will have to drive to Fort Huachuca from Fort Benning? I'm trying to get an idea of when I will actually be able to clear my unit.
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Thanks for that. Will my follow on assignment orders have any instructions for school or will all that be on my 1610 from my unit's schools NCO? I'm not sure who actually authorizes that travel time.

As a former Schools NCO i can tell you if you go to school TDY as a reclass you will recieve a 1610 from your unit, the travel autorization and the cost will be MTSA which is the Big army. so you can say basicly it has the same principle as foll blown pcs orders.

The army just wants to make sure you finish your school before you come of the books from your losing unit. Basicly you attend school, recieve orders in school and return to your loosing unit to ouprocess before pcs'ing to your new duty location. So if i were you i would just fly to the training and fly back, that would alleviate alot of problems. Ask your schools NCO to look up the SH code of the school in the ATRRS Portal this will tell him everything you are authorized when attending this school.I hope this helps, if you have further questions shoot me a PM.
When I was accepted for 35L the branch manager's email said CISAC is TDY en route to your follow on duty station. I'll have my follow on orders next week. I'm going to be clearing before I go so I can go straight to my next duty station. My schools NCO is fairly new and is really an 11B, so I'm not sure he knows the answers to my questions either. I just want to know where it will say SGT May has X amount of days to drive to FT Huachuca, this way I have an idea of when I can clear and actually leave.
SGT May do not make a mistake a lot of soldiers do by just leaving your present unit without a 1610. If you are TDY enroute which is 99 percent of all CISAC cases you will clear your unit your post and move on to CISAC. Make sure you get your 1610 before you leave from your BN S-3

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