Class III flight physical ?s

Im looking to reclass into aviation and I will need a class 3 flight physical. I wondered what all cosisted of the physical, how long it takes and to complete actual physical by doctor and labs. Is weight and tape also evaluated at the time? Any insight would be appreciated
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Blood work, vision, hearing, ekg (possibly, i've only done it once), blood pressure. Normal stuff really. It doesn't take long depending on wait time for appointments if there are any.

I'm personally not a fan of the way the army judges depth perception. I would never have been accepted into aviation if all of the doctors didn't know it was a crock of shit and just pass me on it.

I've only taken a class 3 flight physical twice so i'm missing stuff i'm sure, got moved into class 4 a bit back.
Congrats, way to work for what you want. The job itself is boring but the job opportunities when you're out are fantastic. Especially if you can sneak in a deployment somewhere. If you plan on staying in then promotions are quick too and if you feel like going WO there's always openings.

Good luck on the class!
Thanks, I was wondering if there might be any more insite to give. The slot being a year out, I was curious if there's a way to fill an ealier slot if one becomes available. My next question is the difficulty level of obtaining choice of first duty station after graduation, granted I make it through. I want SE US, Campbell would Rock! Any how, This is my first reenlistment. Last thing is Im E-4(P) and in January will make E5, Im already slotted but is this promotion likely to affect my slot? Thanks 11B-->15W

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