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I'm a SPC/P a month away from having 4 years in the Army. I'm a 68W sitting on 493 promotion points. I was told two weeks ago that I was to atted WLC (begins next week). I really want to go to WLC. In fact, I asked to be sent. My problem is the short notice. I was encouraged to, and did, sign up for college courses and I have been attending on-line all summer. My NCO's were aware of all this. When I was told about WLC (it lasts 26 days here) I asked about college. My PSG said 'You 'should' be able to keep up with school at WLC.' I'm wondering if that is really true. I'm taking 6 hours of senior level course work and it usually takes up most of my free time (doesn't interfere with work or the gym). My PSG also told me I need to 'get my priorities straight.' I understand what he is saying and don't disagree. However, if I drop or fail these classes at this point I will owe 1,500 back in TA. I really don't want to look like I'm bowing out because of lack of drive or ability. I've got a 288 PT score, consider myself a competent medic, have a deployment, and have worked as a squad leader and team leader for the last year. I think I'm ready to be a SGT, my superiors have said they think I'm ready. I'm just at a loss here. If I fail WLC I'm sure I'll lose my P, but 1500 buck is a hefty bit of money and it will set my graduation back an entire semester (supposed to graduate next march). Any advise on how to handle this and save face at the same time?
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How many classes and what classes did you sign up for? I am assuming two.

I am downrange in Afghanistan now and taking classes. I been in situations before when work or an exercise popped up that conflicted with online school work.

I am working on my masters.

Engage your professors and tell them the situation. I am in UMUC and the professors are very flexible in course makeup. You will be busy at WLC and time will be tight and you will be exhausted. It is doable but the stars have to align.
I'm at UMUC and talked to my pofs. 4 weeks out of an 8 weeks session is just too much to let me slide on. I will try talking to schools, didn't think about that. I would much rather get burned for the short notice than fail out. Thank you both for the guidance.
Honestly, I would ask to talk to your 1SG and get pushed back a class or two. I get that you want to attend WLC, but you won't be able to keep up with your college classes there. When I went through (it was PLDC then) we didn't even have access to the internet and had very limited time in the evenings. Internet is fairly important for an online course.

I don't think it is reasonable to ask a soldier to drop courses for a last minute school, unless you won't be able to attend for several more months.
Like others have said, take it up the chain. If they are dead set on you going to that WLC class, they should be more than willing to to do a military withdrawal and you would pay nothing back. It is a simple form that the Education Center has and needs to be signed by your battalion commander.

Since it has to be signed by the BC, he will be asking questions as to why and most likely get you a different class date. If not he will sign it and you can enroll in classes next semester.
From the goarmyed website:

What is a Course Withdrawal for Military Reasons?
Soldiers may request a Withdrawal for Military Reasons when events beyond his or her control prevent successful completion of the class. Examples of valid reasons are: unanticipated mission-related duties or deployment, emergency leave, reassignment, illness or hospitalization, death of a family member, etc. Your Commander will verify what constitutes a valid request for a Withdrawal for Military Reasons. The process to request a WM is embedded in the course withdrawal process on GoArmyEd.

You will be required to upload a signed "Request for TA Recoupment Waiver - Withdrawal for (WM) Military Reasons" form to the eFile tab in your GoArmyEd account. Providing false information to receive a waiver may be subject to UCMJ or other punitive actions.
Daughter did this in March. She is in her Master's program, semester was a few weeks old. Was told she was going to WLC the following week. She tried to get an extension for the college course (she only does one per semester), but no luck. What she did was to get her professor to send her early assignments. I believe after the first week, she then got the next weekends off, except for one CQ. She took her mid-terms at WLC in Korea. Wasn't easy, but she pulled it off with a 4.0. Also made commandant's list.
Just wanted to thank everyone for the feedback. Talked to schools, they mentioned the military withdrawal. I'm a litte sore about losing 3 weeks worth of work and cost of books but it is way better than the alternative. They said they'd look for another class date for me, but no promises (it is the Army after all Wink). Once again, thanks a lot.
I just graduated WLC last week. You will easily have time for school each day. Our schedule had us in class up till possibly 2300 each day with a 0430 wakeup, we didn't need all those hours for WLC. Depending on the SGL, you could get done early as well. My class was done by 1600 each day. We had our AAR and study hall done by dinner. From 1800 on our day was our own.

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