Combat Training - How To Train Your Body Like a Commando

Crisis response demands a physical training program tailored to the specific needs of the field agent: tireless stamina, extreme range reactive strength, ballistic speed, the agility and coordination of a Free Runner, and active recovery and pre-habilitation.

This requires movements that are unorthodox, varied, unconventional, and improvised. They must also be capable of increasing in sophistication level as the skills of the operator grow. Translation: the greatest challenge and the most fun you've ever had "working out."

We're talking wild inventive exercise movements 90% of personal trainers have never even dreamed of, let alone tried. Crazy breakdance-type coordination that builds the iron strength of a gymnast, the mobility of a yogi, the lightning speed of a martial art master, and the body of a commando.

But this isn't enough.

The ideal tactical training program must also target the energy system of crisis response: that means high intensity, three-dimensional movements done for repeated bursts of short duration, with fast recovery-serious workouts for those who aren't afraid to push limits others call impossible.

Fitness-like fighting-isn't a matter of who can do more, but who can do it more often. It isn't the one who can go the longest at an easy pace, but the one who can collide, shake it off, and go again who survives.

Tactical Fitness can't make you bullet-proof, but it can make you injury-proof by giving your nervous system the ability to respond to sudden, overwhelming and forceful circumstances with ease and imagination.

The extreme psychological stress experienced by active tactical responders requires a method that safely reabsorbs the adrenal dump of "fight or flight." You're of no help to your teammates if you're sick or burnt out.

Contrary to the mainstream fitness party line, steady state aerobic training (such as long slow distance running) is not the most direct route for getting in shape. If you want to tap your ultimate potential, you must tip the balance with a high intensity metabolic conditioning routine.

Each workout in the training program is based on Coach Sonnon's "6 Degrees of Freedom" model:

Heaving: moving up and down
Swaying: moving right and left
Surging: moving forward and backward
Pitching: bending forward and backward
Yawing: twisting right and left
Rolling: turning right and left

Training in 6-Degrees will ensure that your body remains balanced. You won't waste time dealing with overuse injuries, or overcompensations created by performing the same repetitive movements in the same planes day after day.

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