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Here is my scenario. (1) 79R and (1) detailed recruiter. 3.5 hours from meps, 2 hours from company and 2 hours from battalion.
Mission: 3 RA and 1 AR.
Work hours from 0830-1900.

I put a lot of effort into being successful. Most months we make mission, although we occasionally miss it one, and boy, that phrase in USAREC "Go from Hero to Zero the next phase line" could not be more accurate.

Recently, I wanted to start getting comp time for all the extra time I'm at work, whether its going to work on Sunday to do a 2 hour shuttle drop off, doing a MEPs run that will begin at 0200 and end at 1930 or showing up to work 2 hours early to take testers to a MET site.

I've been out here a while, and all these extra time in addition to the new hours is really starting to burn me out. I'm trying to be successful at work, finish my degree and become a better family man. It's a lot.

Anyways, I've caused a lot of ruckus asking for comp time today (the day after Christmas) for the extremely long day right before the Christmas pass. The SC was going to let me go, but I got my ass chewed something nice by the man. In the conversation, these key phrases stuck out to me the most: "You can't afford comp time in a small station" "I'm going to give you a REAL NCOER to reflect your performance" "I need someone who wants to be successful, not two losers"

And it goes on. I've hit the tipping point today. I bust my ass, and I get threatened by NCOERs, like my last two have been "given" to me and for the comp time, does that mean I just got the short end of the stick on this and no comp time exist for the unfortunate guys in the small station setting?

I've got heat coming from the top, a SC who lets him run the station and no support for any NCOs since we are so geographically dispersed.

These "leaders" are providing me with great examples of what not to do, when placed in their position.
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just got done with my 3 year detail back in Nov so i know your pain bro just do your time and get back to big Army. Use the experience to make you a better NCO. Recruting taught me how to research the regs and showed me what not to do when i become a senior leader. one time the battalion CSM said it was my fault that a future soldier got preggo. needless to say that CSM was releived for BAH fraud. Just do your time and your best and karma will come back and bite those types of leaders in the ass....keep your head up
I have 100% percent seen the same thing in recruiting and know exactly what you are dealing with. It is toxic leadership at it's finest.

While I don't know all the dynamics of your center I will tell you that when our 1SG, Company Commander, and CSM finally caught wind of what was going down they came directly too us asking why we hadnt marched into their offices with the problem a long time ago. And of course we all just wanted to kick ourselves. In the end they removed the Center Commander and everything was beautiful.

Assuming that you are doing the right thing and really trying to be the best Recruiter that you can be I would use the Commanders open door policy and fix the problem.

Recruiting is hard enough without someone degrading you as you try to go above and beyond the call of duty to put qualified Soldiers in the Army.

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