My husband came off active duty and went Reserves for a year, then went back on active duty. While he was re-entering the army (at MEPS station) he signed all info regarding our having autism and was on EFMP.
We were not aware, nor did anyone mention, that once he left AD our son we taken out of EFMP...

In Dec (Christmas eve) we arrive in El Paso TX, Fort Bliss. When he signed in he put he had a son with Autism. Well, in Jan we went to start services here and learned they stopped accepting families in Sept because they got ride of there Developmental Peds, and the city of El Paso only has 1 DP which is at a 9mth waiting list, and if a child has ADD/ADHD the doctor will not see you. Well our child is also being evaluated for this.
After fighting, we finally received a compassion letter from the chief of peds who informed us although they got rid of the department she doubts we will get a compassion reassignment because they were able to give us some of the therapies. Well my son's EFMP is updated from WA, and it even states we need to be seen in Developmental Peds Quarterly.
My son has Language problems..Phonological Process (fronting and backing), he has sleep issues (currently taking Clonidine), he is self hurting (just got stitches out of his head on Friday from a "Freakout"), he has sensory issues and learning problems (he will know something then lose it).
I talked to WA, his doctors there say he needs to be seen by a DP, and they even filled out our EFMP forms and sent emails for us to help speed some of the process up. They even contacted San Antonio DP where they said they could get me in right away but my case workers say im unable to go because "the army is broke", and they need to exhaust all their resources here first".
They have sent my son to a neurologist who gave him sleep meds but will only do follow ups on the phone (i have emails and written proof of this) they even asked her to be out DP but she refused, Im on an ONCALL for Psychiatrist for my 4 year old son because he/she does not deal with children but will see him in the mean time.
They are considering this as OK care and I could be turned down for compassion move? Im confused.
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Can you look locally for a civilian provider that you can be transferred out to? I think that would be the better/easier option than requesting a move.

ETA-Never mind. I do see that you were looking and only found one spot locally. I'd probably hit up some autism support centers and see if you can find other recommendations. Is an in-home therapist an option?
The local provider has a 9mth waiting list, and is the only one in the area, nearest is for sam or Some place in CO..and thats according to the doctors down here.
This place use to have a lot of support places 2-3 years ago, however due to funding and such there is not any in there area. I am a register and active member or Autism Speaks, and Autism of America, and even Military support Autism. None have anything remotely close to us. My son is in Speech and OT, and we are fighting for ABA but he has to have an IEP. The IEP is at a 90 school day waiting list which we are currently on. Once the eval is done then it will be 30 more school days for the actual report. I have really tried every option here.
I should also mention I cannot get a physical for him for day care because his PCM refuses to sign it because he does not deal with special needs children and my son needs to be seen by a DP.
We took the physical into the chief of peds, and she just handed it back to us saying she would not sign it either. So i cannot get on hourly care or get my son into sports right now either.
I have made sure ive kept emails of all of this and documentation of there refusals for the compassion packet.

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