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I'm not sure if this is in the right location for this type of question, but I'll ask anyway Smiler

Anyway, I'm a SSG stationed in Korea right now with approx. 7 months left in country. I was stationed in Aberdeen Proving Grounds and came here with a HAP to Ft Carson. My wife and I have one son, which they are still in Maryland. Since Caine started kindergarten in 2005, he has had to see a school speech therapist along with other types of specialist through the next two years of school. Up until the start of this new school year in Aug 07 he hadn't had to be put on any medications for AD/HD. My wife decided to put him on some meds because his outburst and lack of concentration in school was hurting his education.

Skip forward to January 08. Caine started having "tics", which is mild outburst of tourettes, while he was on the first drug. My wife took him to see his doctor and she abruptly took him off of that med and made an appointment with a Pediatric Neurologist that specializes in tic & tourette disorder at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Now I don't know how long these appointments are going to last, and counselors at his school think he should stay there thinking that a move would put undue stress on him. I want Caine to stay in the area he in because of the quality of hospitals around there are considered the best in the world, and the continuity of teachers, counselors, and therapists in the school would be best for him.

Well I want to put in for a compassionate re-assignment I guess. I don't really know anything about it and have never tried to do something like this before. I found the DA form 3739 online, and I can get any documentation needed to support it. What all can I do while I'm here in Korea? And do I have a good reason to want a re-assignment? I feel I do, and I'll do anything I can to take care of my son. Thanks for listening.
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I'd recommend you sit down with your S1 and have them walk you through the DA 3739 & if you can get any other additional documentation to make your compassionate packet stronger then do so by all means. If you send me a PM, I can tell you all you need exactly when I get to my office tomorrow. I'm working 3 for guys in my unit right now. Hope I can help though. AR 614-200 Sec 3 para 5-14 also gives more clarity.

5–16. Supporting documentation
The following documentation will be included (as appropriate) with DA Form 3739. (See fig 5–2.)
a. Medical problems. A signed statement from the attending physician giving the specific medical diagnosis and
prognosis of illness. The statement will include date of onset, past and anticipated periods of hospitalization, period of
convalescence, and anticipated life expectancy for terminal cases. The statement will list any other factors that establish
the Soldier’s presence as having a bearing on the medical condition. For cases involving reassignment from OCONUS
location where medical care for family members is not available, include documentation from appropriate medical
authorities stating that fact. (See para 5-15g).

Also add Red Cross messages of any kind you've received, whether you were allowed emergency leave or not.
First timer here, so hello everyone Smiler My question is what if you have 2 dependents with 2 total different reasons for comp reassignments? 1 is medical/health condition, and the other is a child not adapting to the pcs move. (it's been 9 months of hell, really.) Anyone have any advice for us on this? We have counseling records for the child who isn't adjusting well at all...Thanks in advance!
Your right it's all in the paperwork. Thanks to this forum and the valuable info I got my comp assignment approved. My mother has cancer and with that I gathered copies of her medical documents filled out the 3739, 4187 and the 4187-1-R. This last choice is your call but I wrote a letter to the local Congresswomen. The reasons I did this was for timing and visability. I didn't want to submit my paperwork and have it sit on someones desk. Once my battalion signed off on it I knew I wasn't going to have any visability or real time status so to me the letter was a given. To me family is everything. FYI the boards usually meet on Fridays so that afternoon the Congresswoman called me before HRC did to give me the good news. The following Wednesday my orders were cut. Read the regulations and have your documentation in order and mostly have faith.
I have a question my Dad has ALS, and HRC gave me a hard time with my assignment. They gave me Ft. Irwin,just last week, Yes he is in California but in the city of Downey, California. This is about 3 hours away. What can I do to get closer? As I am still not clear when my orders will be cut, it has been since July. Do I ask my new command at Ft. Irwin for time off or what can I expect is this just treated as a PCS move?
Originally posted by SSG E.A.Duran:
Do I ask my new command at Ft. Irwin for time off or what can I expect is this just treated as a PCS move?

They have to follow regular moving rules.
Expect to use leave, and your Losing Command can give you 10days permissive TDY for "house hunting" at the new installation.
((((MAKE SURE you get the housing office to stamp your paperwork on the day the PTDY starts or you get charged leave for those 10days!!!))))

Once you get to the new unit, be respectful, lay out the situation to your supervisor, CDR, and 1SG, so they can try to accomadate you.

As far as orders, when are you supposed to report? If HRC already finished the assignment, bug your unit to bug the local personnel office to get the orders done...
I have a question too maybe someone could answer this for me. We are currently is Italy and my husband is gearing up to go down range. I have been recently diagnosed with acute ptsd and they do not have the facilities I need here. The doctors want a compassionate re-assignment for my husband. Is this an EFMP thing or a compassionate re-assignment, if it's EFMP don't they have to send us back stateside if they can not facilitate me? We literally have no idea where to go with this and either do our doctors.
Originally posted by the mrs.:
I have a question too maybe someone could answer this for me. We are currently is Italy and my husband is gearing up to go down range. I have been recently diagnosed with acute ptsd and they do not have the facilities I need here. The doctors want a compassionate re-assignment for my husband. Is this an EFMP thing or a compassionate re-assignment, if it's EFMP don't they have to send us back stateside if they can not facilitate me? We literally have no idea where to go with this and either do our doctors.

It really doesn't have to be either- the family can return home (with justification) anytime. You CAN NOT move back to Europe though.

Talk with the Command to see what they can do for you.
I have a question on this instead of starting my own thread, but as for this goes i am currently on Emergency Leave from Korea and back home i did this because my wife was hospitalized and my kids were put with someone else, so here i go if the Comp reassign. get pproved how do i get all my stuff from there ie Korea to the states? If i am still on emergency leave.....
I just came down on orders for DS school with a duty station at Fort.Benning. I was wondering about a compassionate reassignment to Fort.Knox due to my wife having split custody with her EX. He all ready threaten to give us a hard time if I were to move them out of Kentucky. Also since us both being a native of Kentucky and her living only a hour away it would also be a low cost move. What documents would I need if I could get the reassignment.
forty-two, in our case, my husband went back to Germany and cleared us. If you gave someone a power of attorney before you left, they can clear you. In our case, though, my husband was on TDY so he had to go back anyways but when the compassionate came through the report date was 3 Jan and he didn't make it back until 2 Feb so you should be able to go back. If you don't want to leave her, maybe try to send a power of attorney to someone back in Korea that you trust.
11 BANG BANG, I don't think that would be grounds to get a compassionate reassignment; most of the time it is for medical problems w/someone in your family. If you want to submit anyway, your PAC should have a packet for you. There is a request form (3739 or something?) and you should back it up with any documentation you may have of the situation, such as if he has threatened you in writing, or online, or something, but honestly I don't think he can stop your wife from taking her children to live with her. The custody situation may have to be revisited. Good luck!
I have been reading all of your posts. My husband joined the army in Sept of 09. We have filled out multiple forms pertaining to the fact that we have three diabetics in our family. One of which is on an insulin pump. No one in boot camp or AIT told my husband about the EFMP forms. Once I found out we were supposed to go to Korea I was told I need to apply for all of the programs and try to obtain command sponsorship. The person in his AIT training was less than helpful and just delayed all of the paperwork causing me to send all of it to him over night and then never did anything with them. We were the ones that applied put in the csp packet with all of the efmp forms. We were denied immediately for sponsorship due to the lack of pediatric endocrinologists in any of the bases in korea. My husband was sent over and tried again for command sponsorship and was denied again. His sgt told him to try for a compassionate reassignment, but most likely will get denied. Is this true? Is there anything that I can do to help? How long will it take to hear anything.
P.S. Mike's - Consider calling Military One Source during the day - they have EFMP subject matter experts they can refer you to while they have you on the phone and yiou can talk to one. The Command stuff - the other posters will probably address and I have experience with that too - and I will get back with you on all your entitlements and where to go locally for help. MOS is 1-800-342-9647, 24/7.
If you are denied command sponsorship then he will just serve his year in Korea and come back to the states. The compassionate reassignment will most likely be denied. The good news is now you are enrolled in the EFMP and they will take that into account for any future assignments.
I highly doubt they will give him a compassionate reasssignment. He is currently in Korea w/out you, so there is no reason for them to send him to the States to be w/you unless one of your child or yourself (or his parents) are seriously ill. If you guys were all stationed at Ft. Bragg, and they didn't have a specialist that one of your children needed, you would put in a compassionate to a place where he could get care. Like tankers said, he will more than likely have to serve out his year and now that you are in the EFMP system, he won't be sent anywhere else that you all can't accompany him.
I wanted to ask you guys real quick about our situation. It is kind of in the middle of the previous ones listed before me. I am currently helping my husband put together a packet as far as all of the "proof" paperwork to take with him to S1. We too have an "ex" custody issue and we have been to court numerous times to fight him. My hubby is stationed in Alaska and we are in Texas so the courts said No to the move because of the distance. Here is where it gets hairy.

Because of all of the stress, I am now on anti-depressants (sigh) and have had several miscarriages due to the stress. My ex-husband also assaulted me in the daycare parking lot and it is documented with police reports. This is all so stressful not to mention the thousands of dollars we have spent legally to fight him. Since he originally agreed to the move (signed mediation docs), we rented a house off base, I quit my job, sold the house and moved the furniture. 3 days before we were to leave, he got an emergency stop from the judge cause he changed his mind. So now we are stuck here with little furniture, paying for 2 households. Anybody have any views on if the hubby can get reassigned to Texas? Has one more year in Alaska and there are "rumors" of another deployment right before he leaves.
Hi April: What a roller coaster, huh? I can speak for my department - ACS and EFMP - you are now considered an Exceptional Family Member apparently with a diagnosis of depression. I would contact the nearest Post there in Texas and contact the EFMP Program Manager in ACS and get registered. Being an EFMP, it may allow you more leverage with the CofC for a compassionate reassignment. I am not an expert in that department - you need to contact EFMP. Also, I sure hope you are in contact with Military One Source who can set you up immediately with free counseling right there in your own town. If you can't get out because you can't afford child care, they may allow you to take the counseling over the phone. Consider calling them at 1-800-342-9647. It sounds like you have a Family Advocacy Program issue with your ex-spouse which could escalate; we don't know. These would be issues to discuss with the EFMP Specialist and possible referrals to FAP and JAG. Best wishes for a resolution that works for the Army and your family.
Not to be a downer but being on anti depressants is not cause for him to receive a compassionate reassignment neither are your custody issues with your ex. Compassionate reassignments are generally used for seriously ill dependents(or parents). The only thing you might try is getting his orders amended from accompanied to unaccompanied which may or may not shorten the length of his tour in Alaska. Keep in mind that even then there is no guarantee that he will be stationed in Texas after because as I said the Army does not take into consideration you custody issues. Not trying to be mean just realistic.
Hi Tanker and April: Your points are well taken but the big picture issue here, to me, is, stigma associated with emotional illness. It took a lot of guts for April to come out and let us know she is under the care of a physician and on medications.

Regarding the EFMP issue, the Army and DOD just standardized the EFMP Program yesterday across the services, which is a good thing, because no matter what your disability is or your child's, you are entitled to the same protections under the regulation whether you are on a small Army Depot out in the sticks, or if you are on a big Fort like Fort Bragg, for example. You can't be squeezed out of the benefits just because the subject matter experts aren't as savvy on your Post as they are on a bigger Post. The EFMP Program is a mandatory enrollment program. It is important for the soldier and the EFMP family member to be up to date on the offerings of the EFMP Program, and the soldier's responsibilities. A great place to get started and find out more is on: When you get to the site, go over to the left hand column and click on "Family Programs and Services". Then, when that opens up, click on "Family Programs", and then click once again for "EFMP Program".

The thing about "emotional illness", it can run the gamut. It could be depression, or it could be major depression, or it could be generalized anxiety disorder, or it could be PTSD, and so on. We just don't know - maybe the domestic violence issue out in the parking lot triggered something. We can't figure it out or judge. All we can do is encourage, and support and be there for each other. And, Tanker, I hear you. I know what you are saying, and like you said, it's a "downer". And, what I am saying is - it has to change - emotional illness/disability issues have to be taken as seriously as physical disability issues.

Suicide ideations affect not only the soldier and his/her family, but the ACS staff member intervening, co-workers military and civilian, the Command, etc, all of us because we are all part of the big Army family. I cannot tell you how many I have been involved in - we have to change. We - each of us - has to have a positive effect on the system - on the institution - that is our brother or our sister suffering - we have to speak up for them and each other.

It has been and continues to be an honor to be of service to all of you.
There was no stigma in what I posted. The poster's big issue is not being able to leave state with her children. An issue that the Army just does not deal with when putting her husband on assignment. Her other issue is being on anti depressants(which I have been on several times as well as anti anxiety meds)To me that again is not a big issue nor stigma inducing since half the world is on some form of anti depressant. While I am sorry that she is having these problems I am letting her know that neither of those problems are cause for her husband to be compassionately reassigned. I urge her to avail herself to all available services and programs but meanwhile she must remain realistic or she will just set herself up to be even more disappointment when her husbands request for reassignment is more than likely denied.
I'm hoping someone can help me out. On April 15, 2010 my 2 y/o son was diagnosed with luekemia. I have a report date to Korea of 10 May 10 with command sponsorship. Since my son is now EFMP, he can't come. My CoC is working on deferring the orders by 60 days so that they can have enough time to cancel the orders. They also told me that they will work on a compassionate reassignment to either keep be here in Ft. Carson so he can continue his chemotherapy or try to move me somewhere a little closer to home (FL) since we will be needing all the family support we can get for the next 3 years of his therapy. I have documentation of his condition from his provider and also from the EFMP staff. 1SG has showed me the 4187 for the deferment but he told me to hold on filling the 3739. I've tried contacting branch to see what's available closer to FL but haven't had any luck getting through. My question is what do I do next? With the report date so close, I feel like I should be doing more. My CoC says they have it under control but I've been failed before and can't be failed on this one. Thanks for the help.
Hi Tanker: I did my best to make myself clear - I stated that there was a "bigger picture" we as the umbrella Army family need to be considering - no stigma for anyone coming forward when they state they have a mental health issue. You were discussing reality - I was discussing idealistically the Army's efforts to wipe out stigma. I am saying that this cannot come from just on high - we all need to take the time to be understanding and change the system the best way we can - with an attitude change. All of us. April did not state why she was taking anti-depressants - of course, there is more to her story. I will not minimize her story. And, I will say it again, realistically, Tanker, you may be correct. But on the other hand, we don't have all of April's facts here, nor should we. Thanks for your feedback, Tanker. I enjoy your interesting and informative posts.
Hi 68A: I am very sorry to hear about the diagnosis for your little child. There are many administrative gurus here on the board who can respond to you on your specific questions. But I have one for you - did the hospital social workers file for SSI for your child while he is/was in the hospital there? Your child's SSI application will be processed immediately and benefits will be payable ASAP, depending upon your family's income and resources, and the deeming issues.
Thank you gals for your responses. To GS Girl, I can't thank you enough for your concern and care. Do you know you are the first person we have talked to that even cares? So many people in the military could care less. To Tanker, I understand what you are saying. I have been through a lot in my life. I am not a young and inexperienced 18 year old Army wife. I am 34 years old and have been supporting me and my children through a lot. I never in a million years thought I would be on meds. This last 7 years of my life have been hell and yes, maybe I don't have to justify myself, but I feel like I should. There is more to the story. I am not trying to be mean or by no means have sympathy from all of you. The reason for the meds is this. 10 years of abuse and yes, that was my decision but until you go through that, I can not explain nor justify it. Needless to say, I finally got away. I started over for me and my kids and met the most wonderful man in the world. He took me and my three kids in when he didn't have to. We went through a deployment, just like most of you have. While he was away, I went through some of the most mind blowing legal issues with my ex. Do you know what it feels like to have to sit in a room across from your ex abuser and try and make "deals"? Or go to court and get things worked out only to have the carpet pulled out from under you every single time cause you can't afford a good lawyer? And then have your hubby come back from Iraq and you are not able to afford to see him cause you spent $7000 on lawyers fees? After he got back and came to stay with us for a bit, we also went through 2 yeah...that is why I am on meds. Like I said, everybody has their issues and I am by no means worse off than most. My children are healthy and so am I. It could always be worse. And you know what? If this reassignment doesnt go through, then oh well. It will hurt certainly, but my hubby and I are strong enough to move on. But we were just trying to exhaust everything we can to try and get with each other. So to say that "it is just depression and it is more a custody issue" is plain wrong. It is more than is a loving and respectful husband and wife that want a chance to be together, for our well being and for our children's sake. Two more years on top of our first two years together is so sad, we have never lived together. I will do everything in my power and when every avenue has been taken and there is no way, then we will deal with that too.

Sorry for the book writing, but I felt I needed to explain. What is so wrong with people these days that there is no hope or concern in them? Thank you all for listening to my ramblings!
Hi April: You are welcome. Each and every one of our soldiers and family members is entitled to respect. You have all earned it - your service to your Country - there is no higher calling. Best wishes to you and your hubby and your family, April. With your resilience and strength, it is all going to work out. The Army wants you to be a great success - the services are there - if one can maneuver their way through the maze. That's why this board offers such a valuable service to our military and family members. We kinda all cut through the red tape here, as far as explanations go.
To April: I wasn't trying to pigeonhole you or say that I am not compassionate in your situation because I know that if my husband got assigned somewhere that I could not go it would seriously suck. What I was trying to convey(obviously it didn't come across correctly) was that when the Army looks at the compassionate reassignment request all they are going to see is your custody issues. Which when making their decision is going to actually have no bearing on where your husband gets assigned. I do feel badly for you and I do hope you guys get to be together I was just giving a real life perspective as a spouse and FRG leader who has helped families go through the process and seen what happened. I do suggest that you go seek counseling since obviously you have been through a lot. My husband has been in the Army for 14 years and in that time there is a bigger emphasis on families however they still must be mission capable first and worry about families second and again I was trying to emphasize that and not that you were some needy wife that just wanted to whine. I wasn't nor can I judge what is going on in your life since I don't know you and I apologize if I seemed uncaring or abrupt but I stress to any wife that I deal with that being married to a SM is not a cake walk and it will suck sometimes and sometimes you just can't get what you want but you make the best of it and move on. Again I apologize if I seem abrupt it's not meant to be.
It's okay, I have been a tad bit sensitive lately and I am trying not to be. I guess I feel like if I explain my situation, maybe people will understand me better. Anyways, I have a cousin who is a Sgt. Major and one that is a SSgt. so they have told us to go ahead with the packet. I guess I am a little scared cause I don't see that our situation falls within the reasons why. My Sgt. Major cuz said that there are always special situations, but I am totally prepared for the worst. He only had 3 more years left in the army so if it doesn't go through, then we will just have to live with that. I think what we are both scared about is another deployment, but hey, even if he got reassigned it might still have to go as well. And like you said, he might not even get in Texas which would mean another court battle. The bad thing right now is we signed a rental agreement for a house in Alaska and had all our stuff shipped up there...yeah, ALL of the kids stuff and clothes, etc. is there too. Do you know if we do get turned down, is there any way of getting our stuff back to Texas and getting him out of that lease so we can at least get BAH here? Thanks again!
Originally posted by GS Girl:
Hi 68A: I am very sorry to hear about the diagnosis for your little child. There are many administrative gurus here on the board who can respond to you on your specific questions. But I have one for you - did the hospital social workers file for SSI for your child while he is/was in the hospital there? Your child's SSI application will be processed immediately and benefits will be payable ASAP, depending upon your family's income and resources, and the deeming issues.

I'm not sure what an SSI is, could you explain? If its about EFMP than yes he is now enrolled. I'm not having issues paying medical bills since tricare is paying for everything. My main concern is staying here for my son and wife while he endures chemo. I spoke with my CoC today and they told me that I won't get compassionate reassignment because his chemo will last longer than 1 year, but I have a good chance of my orders to Korea being cancelled.
Hi: SSI is Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI). For E-5's and below, the Feds will pay disability benefits, about $500.00 a month, to a severely disabled family member. Usually, the hospital social workers know about the program and file for the benefits for the disabled child. However, if your income is too high, then they would not file. I have helped families file for SSI for many different diagnoses, including autism, and they were paid their benefits. If your income falls in the E-5 or below category, let me know and I will clue you in on the filing procedures.
Hello friends... I too need a little guidance with my situation, so please help me.
I am the mother of a 9mo girl who has been diagnosed with hearing loss. This Friday she will be getting her hearing aides on both ears. Because she's a baby and now she will be building her vocabulary and learning how to speak, a speech therapist will be needed to follow her progress and to monitor weather the aides are doing what they are supposed to. She has a neural hearing loss which means it will not get better, if anything, it could get worse. She needs to be monitored for that as well. My husband is living in our house in Germany, but I'm getting care for her here in the states. Those services are not available where we are living in Germany. Do we have a strong care for Compassionate Reassignment? If so, what is the first step and how long does it take to start the move given we were approved??
Hi Phia's Mom: The military members here will give you a better idea of whether or not the CofC will approve a compassionate reassignment. 1. Is your baby enrolled in the EFMP Program? 2. Is she enrolled in the TRICARE ECHO Program? 3. Are you E-5 or lower and can your family qualify for SSI disability for your child based on income and resources? 4. Have you gone to the EFMP specialist at the MTF or ACS and told them that the services are not available in Germany where you are, and you would like to look into requesting a compassionate reassignment? Normally, they will have to certify that the services are not there, and they will have to certify wherever it is you want to go, that the services will be there. Best wishes!
Hi GS Girl,
I was anxiously awaiting your reply as I saw how prompt you are in responding to us anxious folks!!! Thank you for that or to anyone else who will reply with some good advise!! Let me answer your questions..
1. What is CofC?
2. Is your baby enrolled in the EFMP Program? The packet is being submitted as we speak!!
3 Is she enrolled in the TRICARE ECHO Program? Not sure what the TRICARE ECHO program is, but she is enrolled in TRICARE Prime.
4 Are you E-5 or lower and can your family qualify for SSI disability for your child based on income and resources? No, my husband is E-6 with 11 years of active duty service.
5 Have you gone to the EFMP specialist at the MTF or ACS and told them that the services are not available in Germany where you are, and you would like to look into requesting a compassionate reassignment? I believe my husband did. She told them that there is aren't any services that we need available to us. But she's not the one who approves the EFMP right? They are just there to give you information?
I'm very afraid that it will be denied and our daughter will be without the professional help and therapy that she needs. Thank you again for all your help on this matter.
Hello again: I hope you are fine.

1. Chain of Command
2. Good!
3. TRICARE ECHO means "Extended Care Health Option" available only to active duty EFMP family members under one of three conditions. (See and then link on ECHO)
Your child's condition possibly qualifies under " a serious physical disability". There is a cost to the family of an E-6 - $30.00 per month. There are extensive benefits available under ECHO for a disabled/handicapped family member. I encourage you to go to the tricare website to check them out. Many, many EFMP families are enrolled in ECHO. I would also call the EFMP specialist at the MFT or ACS to ask them if your child would benefit from ECHO. (The Army is now hiring and has openings, for military spouses too, for GS EFMP Program Navigators, who lead EFMP families through the maze of programs and services available to families that they might not know about. Great idea!)
4. Call Military One Source from the states at 1-800-342-9647, 24/7. From Germany, you call this same number, 24/7, collect, and they have Master degreed social workers who specialize in Special Needs Family Members services. I just ordered some materials for another spouse and child from them.
5. It is my understanding that your hubby has to find a slot where this place is that you think will have the adequate medical services available in CONUS. Your hubby's chain of command will know how he is to start the process to request a compassionate reassignment. It is a function of S-1, Military Personnel. Normally, not in all cases, but from what I have seen, it is not automatic. The NCO's/soldiers on here and FRG Leaders and other family members can answer you better based on their personal experiences.
6. In ACS we are very empathetic but we are a Commander's program. Your best bet would be to work very, very closely with the EFMP Department at the Medical Treatment Facility on your request, and whatever your hubby finds out at work! There are forms to complete.
7. There is an organization that supports military EFMP families 100% and they are hooked up on many forts and bases. They are called STOMP. Google them and find some points of contact for you - they will offer you support as you go through this process.

I, and all ACS folks are just happy that the Army is now hiring more people to help our EFMP families. Best wishes to you always!
GS Girl...
Thank you very much for all your feedback and help on my matter at hand!!! I REALLY appreciate your time and concern! It's not everyday that you come across people who are willing to help and be patient!!

I got in contact with our EFMP contact lady this morning! All she's waiting for our EFMP application (which is on it's way)!! I hope it get's approved and our little girl gets the professional help and treatment that she needs!!!

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