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Does anyone have any idea how long it will take to hear if the compassionate reassignment my husband is turning in tomorrow will be approved?

Here is the back story on why my husband is asking for a compassionate reassignment. The reason is asking this is because his two sons that he have sole custody of were severely abused (in every way possible) here at Fort Hood by their bio mother and her husband who is also in the Army stationed here at Fort Hood until October 2012. His boys step father is now stationed out of state but their bio mom is coming back to the area at the end of July. And since arriving here at Fort Hood both of his boys are having serious issues, with not sleeping, behaviors, acts of aggression, stealing, inappropriate language/behavior, lighting fires, among other things. He had these issues with them when he was first awarded sole custody of them almost 3 years ago while we were living in Illinois, but after three months things got a lot better for them. But since arriving here at Fort Hood the issues we are having with them is even worse than they were when he was first awarded custody of them and getting worse every day that we are here. Because he am stationed here at Fort Hood where everything happened to them, both of his son’s grades went from a A-B average in Illinois to D-F grades with being here at Fort Hood again. We really need this for the emotional well-being of his boys. Besides serving this county they are the most important thing in the world to him, and he am worried about being stationed here destroying their lives if things continue getting worse like they have been.
He attached a copy of a statement from his oldest son Kaycee’s therapist, and psychiatrist, as well as a copy of his sons bio mom’s psych evaluation were she is admitting to the boys seeing her get stabbed, her going on weeks long drug binges, his one son being sexually abused, among other things.

His boys therapist and psychiatrist both agree that it would be the best thing for the boys for him to get stationed out of texas. We are really hoping the people who approve the compassionate reassignment agree with us and the medical professionals. But we have no idea how long it usually takes to hear back after turning everything in. And what happens if it is approved.
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Hi, I hope everything works out with you guys.

They can be picky as to what they want to approve and deny, but if everything is lined up good, then your request could take anywhere between 2 weeks to a few months. They look at the severity and time sensitive nature and will sit on it accordingly. It took me one week for my packet to get up through my chain of command, it will take a little bit longer to get sent to HRC. Once it is at HRC your Husband can track the status of his request through is ASK (he should know what it is). HRC states they have 14 days to approve or deny, but I have heard it taking longer. When/if it gets approved, he will come down on assignment instructions and they will cut him orders. Hope that helps.

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