Compassionate Reassignment Worthy???

So I am eligible to PCS, working with my branch manager on my next assignment now. But just got the bomb dropped that my wife has stage IV MALT-B Lymphoma in her lungs (a form of cancer) and the docs want to put her through at least six months of chemotherapy.

We have three young kids, so will need a lot of support while getting through this. My thought was to request a compassionate reassignment to the local ROTC or recruiting unit near my home of record, that way I would have a strong family support network to help - rather than some random duty location where I don't know anybody...

Just wanted to get everyone's thoughts on if this is something worth giving a shot...? Thanks.
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It could still be a tricare nightmare for you. Where many procedures and treatments won't be covered and you will have to pay. It would be best if you could PCS to a major medical Center like Ft Carson, Tripler Hawaii, Ft SamHouston, Walter Reed, Madigan and a few others.

Where is your home of record so the forum may be able to assist you?

Either way you will need to meet with the Chaplain yesterday, and if your wife smokes or you do...for heaven's sake....quit (e cigs too).
While I don't have a lot of experience on this specific, I can tell you that when you move outside of a major mil hub as Corvette said, Tricare can become crazy. I also would suggest a major hub with a big Hospital. Even Bragg where there is Duke or UNC at least drivable or something closer to home. KY has great hospitals in Louisville that she could be referred to. Something maybe easier for family to travel to. A lot like Louisville has the Ronald McDonald houses close by they could stay at.
I do wish you all the best and keep positive. We will be praying for her and you and family brother.
Thanks for the feedback (and the prayers), I appreciate it. HoR is Salt Lake City, so not a major hub. I am in USAREC now, haven't had any issues with Tricare on the civilian economy so far (including with all of this), but I hear changes are coming. That being said, even major Army hospitals don't have cancer treatment facilities, so I'll be on the economy anyway. My question is just the family support. Does the Army see that as a justifiable reason for a compassionate?
I would really hope they would. But proper treatment is what their main case will be I'm sure. An area where support and care can meet. Definitely get the proper paperwork in and see the chaplain. They will help you move thru the proper channel and get you to the person at HRC that handles compassionate for your MOS assignments. If I'm not mistaken there are docs they will request so be prepared. Again, best wishes and prayers. HOOAH

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