Considering M6 Identifier, AECP long term

I am presently a 68W, hoping to finish up some classes (6 remaining) to put my packet in for AECP, but it just seems to taking me longer than I would like. If anyone can give me guidance that is a M6 or that has an idea of what the best route for me would you be please share. I'm all ears and open to suggestions.

I am presently elligable to be BEAR.

Specific Questions:
Does M6 give you Accredited College Credit that would transfer to a university? i.e. A&P I or II, Nutrition, Psycology, Chemisty, Human Growth and Developemnt? And if so what schools have been the most military friendly to accept these credits?

Would you reccommend this route over completing courses on your own?

If I re-enlist in the BEAR program and go through this school (M6)would I be able to submit my AECP packet once completed with the school or is there a certain time that I have to committ to a unit upon graduation?

Any other pertinant information would be greatly appreciated!
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