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I re-classed from 11B to 35L in June 09 as a senior E-6. Returning to my unit, which is a BCT, I was on assignment to the Division STB but my old unit sent me forward to Afghanistan to fill the 35L40 slot in the Brigade. I was the only 35L in the entire Bde. Upon my redeployment, in May 10, I express my interest in getting assigned to a MI unit so I could have the training & mentorship I need as a new 35L. However, the unit sent me to another bde within the division to fill the same 35L40 slot. I expressed my objection and the reasons but was the choice was already made. I found out from the S-1 each of my moves my Time-on-Station reset so it's extremely difficult for me to PCS (as mentioned by Branch).
What other courses of action do I have?
I would like to move on to a different unit to get a better understanding and learn the new MOS I am in.
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I take it you have talked to SFC Mobley already?

Honestly, I would say that your best bet would be to talk to branch and request a reassignment.
There's plenty of open assignments for 35L SSGs out there.

Are you in your re-up window? that's usually an easy way to get a PCS.

Also, Intra-post transfers shouldn't change your time-on-station, but it will change your assignment information. If you look on your ERB, right before "SECTION IX - ASSIGNMENT INFORMATION", it will state the date of your last PCS. But your S-1 is correct that it prevents the HRC from putting you on assignment. Have you checked ASK to see if there are any open requisitions?

My first unit did the whole "UIC Switcharoo" to keep Soldiers from coming down on orders too. It just embittered the Soldiers and made them even more determined to leave that unit, but that's another story for another day.

For what it's worth, at least they're putting you in SFC billets.

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