continuously on temp profile. Zero Record APFT since AIT

I have recently recieved a soldiers who has been pregnant, then on temp profile continuously for something. It has been more than a year since pregnant. Without APFT and temp profile, schools are limited, and so are duties. I cannot go against a doctor given profile. plus recovery time.

So how long can this be allowed for before legitimate action can be taken?
Can action be taken when it comes from a doctor?.
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there is no legal action you can take against any Soldier that is on a profile of any kind.
you have to wait until the Soldier is off the profile, and given the proper recovery time.
after that you administer a APFT and go from there.

if they pass, then all is good.
You need to speak with the command and ask about them getting a Fit For Duty Evaluation.

If the profile is for the same thing for more than 90 days it has to become either a permanent or they have to go through a Fit for Duty or whatever the name is now for initial Med Board review.

Of course the soldier may have a valid issue or concern that this is all uneccasarry.

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