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I am hearing 79R course is the hardest to pass in the Army and when I was in ARC school there was a class that had 11 students and 5 passed.. so how hard is this school?

hahaha probably b/c they were CAT IVs to begin with...the class cannot be that damn hard, like anything else, attention to detail and CTRL +F to find the answers...
What you aren't hearing is the 6 PT or HT/WT failures being honest with you about why they flunked out.

The school is much more stringent on PT and HT/WT (as is the rest of the Army) than say 3+ years ago. I have a stinking suspicion that whomever told you the high washout rate is busting out their ACU's and doesn't want to give you real talk why they washed out. Could be wrong on ththis one but a lot of Recruiting is image based, and if someone shows up to ARC fat, by the end of Recruiting they will be huge.
The course isn't THAT hard where any competent NCO couldn't pass it. There is a lot of attention to detail but just like TransAM95NCo said use CTRL + F!! I have heard that it isn't as easy as it once was but the majority of those who failed didn't even fail out due to test and retests it was APFT, tattoos, and being sent home because their security clearances didn't come back in time. Those who failed out, failed due to not understanding where and how to research the information.

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