Corrective action

The only person who can approve or disapprove leave is the commander. You are of course able to talk to the commander about the situation but it's ultimately up to him. The other thing to remember (and one of the JAG guys in here can correct me if I am wrong please) but pretty sure that since leave is an entitlement (and not a privilege) that there needs to be an actual reason (exercise, deployment, etc.) much more then just that he was late (especially if this was only his 2nd time). There are much better ways to correct something then trying to pull leave. Have you actually even counseled him?
Originally posted by SGT Smitty:
Well they can flag him with an article 15 then pull the leave.

This is a possibility, but if a soldier has approved leave, they'll likely adjust the reading of the Art 15 so they soldier can take leave.

Let me just say that trying to pull a soldier's leave for the second time being late is a dick move. If one of my NCOs walked into my office and suggested it, it would make me question their leadership abilities.
You need to try to fix the problem first. Why has the Soldier been late. Have you already counseled him and tried to fix the issues?

Fighting to pull the Soldiers leave and stop him from seeing his family and getting time to relax sounds like it would be counter productive.

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