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In my soldiers counseling packets I keep a promotion requirement data spreadsheat. I also am tracking their progress in correspondence courses and hours. THat is one of the points that I strongly recommend to my soldiers is to enroll in correspondence for self improvement. Also I keep a PT spreadsheet so it is infront of them on how they are progressing
In my Soldiers counseling package, I have their personal data sheet, APFT, All monthly counsel statemets including initial, all the awards and badges they have earned, all COA'S and Training Certificates, and last but not least all their Civilian education and correspondance courses. I make it mandatory for them to complete at least 20 hours of correspondance courses a month. I encourage them to take college classes and monitor their physical training.
I saw some excellent examples of what to keep in the counseling packet. Some may argue that some of it may be overkill but consider how many times we are asked for copies of something for one of your Soldiers that is ALWAYS needed before end of business TODAY or the Soldier will not get promoted/recommended/whatever. Having these document will provide pay off in the long run. It will also make creating a promotion packet cake. You've already collected the document. Award recommendations, again cake.

Here's what I maintained and had my leaders maintain, using a folder with clips to keep everthing in place (similar to those of your Military Records Jacket, and separated similarly)
*Records of counseling
*Draft NCOER for NCOs
*Draft Award (add bullets for each FTX/Deploy/board/major detail)
*Draft Promotion Points Worksheet
*Copies of Cert/ACCP Completion Documents/Copy Transcript Civ Ed/Mil Sch Crs Cert -ABN/AAS/NCOES
*APFT data sheet
*Copies admin docs (4187s/DA 200s, etc.)
*Copy of self assessment (I created self assessment form based on APP B FM 22-100 (6-22) and the NCOER for Soldiers to use)

(NOTE: if soldier is close to being recommended for promotion keep in mind the need to have an official copy and requirements)

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