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Alright, had an NCO try and give me a counseling statement for "disobeying at direct order from a non-commissioned officer"... because of an email he sent out. Do not remember reading the email, or ever seeing an email from him. Hence, why the task was not completed. He never physically notified of the task, nor was I told by my fellow soldiers. Last I checked, direct and lawful orders are supposed to be given in person and not over an email or text message. Any suggestions or references to AR's in reference to this subject? Thanks everybody!
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So many questions, so little time.

1. What is your rank in relation to this NCO? I ask because any response warranted may change based on your rank.

2. In today's tech savvy military, many directives and orders are done through email or text, however it is up to the sender (order giver) to follow up on those emails and ensure the task is being conducted, mission completed.

AR 600-20, section 4-2, Obedience to orders: "All personnel in the military Service are required to strictly obey and promptly execute the legal orders of their lawful seniors."

There is no specification in how an order is to be given. Whether this NCO wanted to inform you of a task through email, text, in person or through smoke signals, it is their decision on how they do so.

FM 7-22.7, section 2-12: Directed duties are not specified by as part of a job position or MOS or other directive. A superior gives them orally or in writing.
I am a SPC(P), just waiting on points. The NCO and I are the shift NCOICs for alternating days shifts. I was forced to sign the counseling for the simple reason that the email was in my inbox. However, I did not blatantly disregard his email, I just hadn't seen it. I am not really an email person, and in the last 5 years I didn't even use Outlook! HAHA! However, I know that that doesn't defend me because "not knowing" isn't an excuse. However, when he "counseled" me, I recommended that if there is something that we need to get done, that is told over email, put it on the board so there is a secondary avenue of getting the information out. He responded by saying "I will not adhere to your needs"... He counseled me IAW AR 635-200, paragraph 1-16 and I have to write a 5,00 word essay. Which is a usual punishment by him. To be perfectly honest... I would rather take a smoke session.

Being a future NCO, I would not of handled this situation the way that he did. Granted, it is a grey area. But in my opinion, disobeying a direct order would be to refuse a oral order or an order that is in a counseling statement. But that's me...
As a former Company XO for a BN that has 6 companies spread across 5 time zones, the vast majority of the orders that I got were over email or the occasional phone call. If he is an email kind of guy it means you are now too. You got your @SS chewed and some practice on your writing, take it and learn.
I am not really an email person, and in the last 5 years I didn't even use Outlook! HAHA!

Kind of off topic here...but REALLY?!?!? How the hell do you live in 2013, and in today's technologically advanced Army and not use Email on a regualr basis... If you use a computer, then you should be able to use email, and know to check it regualrly...

Do you not check your AKO email?
Have you even had to use DFAS?
How do you do Leave Forms?
Do you have a Facebook?
How did you come to ASG forums and ask a dman question?!?

It blows my mind that somenoe will still sue the "Im not an email person" in the year 2013... I know CW4'sa nd CSMs that have been in the military longer than you who are perfectly adept at using email, even though it didn't even EXIST when they joined.


To be fair it is rare for a combat arms lower enlisted Soldier to have access to a computer while on duty.

What was the time frame of the email? Was it sent out the same day the action was supposed to take place?

Were you previously directed to check your email for guidance sent out?

I would NEVER just sent out an email without ensuring that either the need to read the email or a brief of its content was verbally communicated to my Soldiers.

However if you work in the Orderly Room and sit and your computer all day, then well... Your fault

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