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I am attempting to write a counseling for a failure to uphold the warrior ethos, but my supervisor is telling me to write it as a "reminder" rather than an event oriented counseling. I'm a bit confused as to how to even start this counseling. If anybody has written one similar to this, please, any help is appreciated.
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The soldier left another stranded at the barracks with no way to get to the PT location. As I can't really slam the soldier for not allowing someone into their vehicle, my supervisor advised me to counsel him to remind him of the warrior ethos, specifically "I will never leave a fallen comrade." I'm currently leaning towards a developmental counseling to ensure that the soldier fully understands all aspects of the warrior ethos and how they should affect his decision making.
Um....question...Did anyone ask the other stranded Soldier if he/she had tried to contact anyone prior to being stranded? What about that Soldier's supervisor picking them up? Did anyone inform YOUR Soldier to pick up the other?

If none of these questions can be answered effectively, then I don't think this warrants counseling on a 4856, but rather an intimate verbal one-on one between supervisor and soldier. Should you decide to do a 4856 for this specific event, the Soldier might not have the desired response...
Why did he leave him? Was he running late or did your soldier just want to not give him a ride?

Yes, the Ethos says not to leave a fallen comrade, but in my personal opinion I think this situation is stretching it. A soldier is not obligated to give another soldier a ride.

How far away is the PT location? Your soldier could have walked, got a ride with someone else, or even called a cab.

I have two soldiers right now and one has two cracked rims so he cannot drive his car. My other guy gives him a ride fairly often, but if he isn't ready to go, he gets left and has to walk. Why should my soldier forego breakfast to wait for someone else who can't get ready on time?
I agree with SFC W and can you force somebody to give someone else a ride, in their on POV?!?! Unless the unit provides the vehicle, nobody can be told to pick someone else.
I had one of my soldiers belive that it was MY responsibility to get him to work. He was always calling me to give him rides to work, and i always did, no big day we had TA-50 layout, and he had to bring his stuff to work. He did not called me to tell me he needs a ride (sometimes he will get someone else to pick him up), he just decide not to bring his stuff. When i asked him why he didn't brought his stuff he said that he didn't had a ride, he walked that day. could call all the other times you didn't had a ride, but you could't call me now? So i told him to walk home and get his stuff and walk back to work, unless he finds someone to give him a ride...i didn't care how he did it, i told him to get back to work with all his stuff, within one hour. His response was, why don't i give him a ride, because is my responsibility to to take him to work! SO, because i gave him rides to work every time he asked me, he thought that is my responsibility to do that. When i told my superiors the conversation i had with my soldier, they told me that it was fault, that i enabled him by drive him to work all the time, and this way he took me for granted...he thought i was a push-over...well, guess what, i counseled him right away, and show him who he is dealing with, lol.
Ok, i got off track here...bottom line is, is nobody's responsibility to take you to work, but your own...and definately, you can't counsel somebody for not give someone else a ride...unless you are somone else's driver/aide (CSM, BN CDR...), then you will get a Gov. vehicle, and all you do is drive them around, lol.
since when is it a soldiers responsibility to get another soldier to PT? you better get yourself out of bed twenty minutes early and be out there picking that soldier up before you want to slam one of your troops sarge.

before you do anything you better figure out what's going on with the soldier who was late... why doesn't he have a POV? where is his money going if he can't afford a car? does he have financial issues? does he need financial counseling? why didn't he coordinate with you for a ride?

even if he can't afford a car a used bike and helmet is only about 50 bucks... you better get that troop on the right track!

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