Couple of questions!

Thanks guys in advance for any help with this, I am running around trying to get things done to get my packet together and figure this is where I will get the best answers.

1. I was told I am attending 28 July Recruiting class at Ft. Jackson in my notification email, BUT in my ASK and my ERB it says "Ft. Knox Recruiting School" with a date of October. I may be ridiculous in asking this and it may be right in front of my face, and hopefully I am right with this assumption that the ERB and the ASK are showing me as that being my PARENT unit, I wont actually work or GO to Knox, but since I will be a recruiter (hopefully) I will be technically working with the Recruiting Command as my HICOM. (I just want to make sure that the school didn't change or something like that)

2. My background screen on my ASK was set to "PENDING" about 2 weeks ago, I have since checked it and it now says "NO DATA AVAILABLE" in all of the blocks, I am hoping this is an issue with ASK (Suprise Suprise) and not an issue with my background check, I have a SEC. Clearance and have never really had any issues or anything in my past, has anyone else, or does anyone else have this issue?

Once again, thank you all for any information and look forward to working with hopefully some of you

- Rob
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I am in recruiting school now and I can tell you that sometime in October the school is moving to Knox. So, you may be headed there. Also, if your background says no data there may be an issue with it. Maybe not. Give it a few to see if it changes to "Cleared." Also, your secret clearance does not have anything to do with the background check for recruiter. They do something different for the recruiter background. Hope this helps.
call the operations office at ft jackson recruiting school, explain your situation and they should be able to help. since the staff and faculty will be moving to knox they know when knew new students report to knox. I'm sure they will need to shut down classes at Jackson during the transition to ft knox campus.

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