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Cochise College is a community college right outside Fort Huachuca, I doubt they will do it for you, armywifeNsoldier unless you enroll with them...also they will NOT give you as many credits as NCI...

I did the evaluation with both Cochise (free if you are enrolled with them) and NCI, I got about 10 more credits for the same schools with NCI than cochise out for those fools though they will screw you out of will get a post card stating how many credits you will be getting (they told me like 41 or 43) and then when I got my transcript it only had telling you so you dont go in blind, if you dont have many schools, marine correspondence, then I wouldnt even try it...
your 900 hours of correspondence do NOT count unless they are Marine Corps correspondence (they are proctored tests, so really cant cheat on those as you can on ours)...

Honestly I wouldnt even waste my money until you get more schools...I have basic, AIT (42A), postal operations, UPL, IASO, Recruiting, PLDC, and couple of NCOERs and I already told you how many they gave me...
The thing you have to remember about NCI is it is geared around aviation so for others they might not get as much but for me....I submitted ARTTS transcript,which includes basic, ait,wlc....then i submitted certificates CLS, Helicopter rigging course (40hrs), AOAP(5hrs) and TMDE support training with 2 NCOERS i got 34 credits through them so its different from everybody...
and as long as you send them an offical transcript from whatever college you have previously earned credits they add those all into one transcript from them! but you can't double dip by useing NCI and the other college. In order for s-1 to take more than one transcript you have to get a memo signed by commander/ as well as a specific letter from the local Education center stating the credits do not represent the same courses.
You can go to the ACE website and check out all the credit recommendations for your MOS.

91B at the SSG (30) level gets about 29 for the MOS alone. http://militaryguides.acenet.e...sp?aceid=MOS-91B-007

Sometimes the college (possibly NCI) will give you credit at the next higher level. Excelsior gave me most of the credits for a 35L40, even though I'm still just a 30 level, with BNCOC. So, once you pin E5, try it and see if they'll award you the 29 credits. DEFINITELY worth it if you're working on a degree.
Whoa... just checked out NCI. Be wary, this is definitely a great deal, but the college seems to be nationally accredited rather than regionally, which means your credits won't transfer to a regionally accredited school, OR most good graduate programs. Regionally accredited schools are the only safe way to go. However, for something like promotion points, this is definitely a great option. I WISH they were regionally accredited... if they were I'd totally do this, because this is the first school I've seen that will review courses that aren't on your AARTS transcript. Dang.
Hello I am thinking about doing the NCI to get more promotion points. Do anyone know how it works before I pay for it? For example, I have things like WLC, Field Sanitation etc. on my ERB already and have gotten points through the military for them. So if I pay for the NCI will they give me points also even though I have points through the Army?

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