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I'm under this PLT headed by an E-5 and I'm conducting P.t. with them until I PCS in 3 mos. So this Thursday morning, we were ruck marching and he calls me by my last name without addressing me and tells me [an E-6] to move up. But I told him i'm fine because I am staying back with a Soldier lagging behind. Minutes later he lunged at me bumping me off balance, but had he not grabbed me I would have fell on the ground. Of course we exchanged words. Question: I say this is assault, but our XO (who was there) and our 1SG & CPT, (who I told) said yea will talk about it on Monday. Sounds like they don't really care. Should I take this higher?
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Hey Chief, he said PCS not ETS but still the same he/she will be out of the unit soon. I think this is more of a judgement call on you COA. You're a Staff Sergeant and you should know what the appropriate action should be at this point. If it was me (I only know the generalities of the situation at this point) I would take the E-5 aside and talk to him. I would let him know what my concerns were. I might or might not draw it up on a 4856, addressing my concerns and laying out the regulatory guidance when it comes to conduct between NCOs of different ranks. Pending the Sergeant's receptiveness toward my counseling I would make a decision at that point to take it further or not. If I were you, since you're leaving soon, I would hold off on making a big deal out of it if you can otherwise it will make a big stink-- whether warranted or not, that you may not want to be involved in.
SGT Smitty,

Thanks for the catch. I do not know where i got ETS from.

OP, SGT Smitty is correct. This is something that needs to be discussed man to man and since you outrank him; for him to understand and respect your rank.

We were not there; so this is all subjective. A purposeful brush by one can be perceived as an accidental nudge by another.
This is a hot tempered grumpy old man in his late forties that was stuck as an E-5. So i presented him with a 4856 and talked about it. Then i walked away. As i did, he laughed so hard, walked out of his supply cage office, followed me onto the hallway and said, "There! disrespectful enough for you?!! (while ripping the counseling in half). I was in disbelief. Immediately told our 1SG who simply just said, "Oh wow thats messed up. Anyways, I'm looking for a fork, its lunch time.

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