Currently Deployed, NEED HELP

I am currently deployed to Afghanistan. I am an E-4 and have been told to prepare my packet for E-5.

A little hickup..

My PT test recently expired, and I have been told we can't administer the run where I am stationed. Is there a way to:

A. Waive the PT test for contingiency conditions (For promotion purposes, specifically. I understand that for records purposes you can, but can't find anything specific to promotions)?


B. Administer the only two events we can and average the score together (By Regulation, not "Regulation")?

If so, PLEASE provide the regulations stating we are able to. I have been in for 7 years, I've been in my re-enlistment window for some time, and being able to submit my packet would be the kicker to push me to re-enlist. We have 7 months left on our tour. I am in the Army Reserve.
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To add to what Chief has already stated, which is correct.

Submit a Memorandum to the President of the board explaining your situation, signed by your CDR. Additionally, update your HT/WT on next area of 705 that has your most current APFT, so it is within 6 months.

Your plan B is not authorized..ever.

SFC DeWaters
not sure if reserves have boards for promotions.
If it is ran like the Nasty guard, there is no board.

there is no modifications to the AFPT if your not on a profile.

As for a waiver.. idk the answer to that for the reserves, but for the guard, no.

you may have to accept the fact that you wont get an EPS packet turned in.

this should have been thought of prior while in train up.

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