curtailment order from korea to conus

me and my family just arrived in korea jan 10th.
and due to medicine im on, they dont have the capability to treat me. ( it take 2-3 months for them to obtain it)
so they pushing me to leave. they asked me to sign 4187, but I didnt. so they are now waiting on curtailment order.
It seems like they are just trying to get rid of us besides trying to find a way. I went to legal, IG.. they said its unfair when we got here with order and command sponsorship.
anyway, how long is it take to get order? how about HHG, POV that it on the way to korea? do I have to leave? I dont want to....
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And you are dual military correct?

Well, I am in Korea Area IV and I find it baffling that you were cleared medically to come to Korea if there was an issue with your medication.

In my case, before we left the states, my spouse was given extra bottles for her medication, just in case there was an issue.

I do not know the severity for not taking your medication, but remember the military is trying to help you as much as possible.

I shipped my car the day before I flew and it took two months for it to arrive. HHG were 45 days.

Besides IG and Legal, how far up the chain of command did you go? I would attempt to work out the issue between your doctor and your command. Maybe they can can send you to Japan or Hawaii. Smiler

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