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Ok, here is the situation, kind of a complex one, but maybe if anybody knows they can help out. I am currently stationed in Alaska. I have been here for eight months with a DEROS date of 2016. My wife is also Army, however she just got commissioned through the AMEDD program to be an Army nurse and is in BOLC right now. Once she completes BOLC, she has a report date of December 27 at Ft. Lewis. We were enrolled in the MACP when we got married last year and for some reason this month, once she got commissioned they took us off. So we are working to get us put back on it since there should have been no reason to take us off if we were on it as early as last month, and she remained in an active duty status. Well, HRC sent me an e-mail stating that they have a slot for me at Lewis with 1st Group since it is an airborne unit and I am airborne and need to go to one. My wife is not airborne. However, the report date for Lewis is 092014, which will have me in Alaska for about a little over 18 months. They stated that I could ask for a curtailment to push my DEROS up and get orders for this assignment. I was wondering if 18 months would be enough for me to get the curtailment? Also, since my wife is a nurse, she is only able to go to a certain amount of places, which alaska is not one of them so we decided on Lewis because it would be the closest one. If I do not get the curtailment, then I will be looking at almost 2 plus years of being separated from my wife. Would this justify as a compassionate reassignment or good enough reason for a curtailment? We have already been separated over a year since we got married and only get to visit each other every few months. Any advice would be great. Who is the approving authority for a curtailment? I figured since HRC is the one sending me the e-mail that they may see it as a justified reason for it. Thank you in advance.
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Talk to your 1SG/CDR and S1, in Korea the approval authority was 8th Army (so it went from your company, BN, BDE, Division to 8th Army to get approved), I dont know about Alaska but I would think its the same so your Major Command or maybe just at GO level. Good luck to you!
That's a big NEGATIVE to the compassionate reassignment. I mean, you could ask- but seeing how thousands of other Soldiers end up in the same boat I'm guessing they would just process it "no" as fast as possible..

Have you looked at the regs?

I'd shoot for that curtailment!!!
Yeah I may shot for the curtailment and hope that somebody has a heart lol. Well HRC was the one that contacted me stating they have a slot for me at Lewis with her, and to try and get the curtailment. That is why I was asking if maybe they have any influence in the decision. I well just plead my case and hope for the best. Thanks battles! I am signal so I have a good chance of going wherever she goes since I can be slotted in just about anywhere.
Yeah HRC is one thing but your Chain of Command is another, they can still say "no" (as in your curtailment gets disapproved) and you stay there. I had an assignment set up (a nominative assignment) earlier this year, everything was set, my chain of command didnt want to see me go but were willing to let me go, my branch said no so I am still here.

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