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I have a SGT that went to PLDC back in 2001@ Ft Knox . The soldier got out 2005 for 18 month. His ERB is wipe. He dont have copies of his 1059, but it is on his ATRS that he completed PLDC. Is there any where he can go to get his 1059 or do he have to go back to PLDC again thanks in advance
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Originally posted by Roemer:
If you can login to your ARRTS page,
you can print it out from there.
OR you can go to the home page of AARTS and they have contact Telephone and address information to whom to write request for a duplicate of your PLDC record.All contact information is there and I did obtained and corrected some of my lost and ommitted documents. If you think it is too complicated for you, you should visit your Education center on Army Base, and ask councelor to help you to retrieve it. They are paid to help soldiers.Or yo can try ll of the above actions. Whatever will come first.
There is also a NARA page: National Archives Form to obtain your personal military records. Since it is in AARTS it is saved. Did you try HRC it? roemer in district of columbia

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