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Hello everyone. I just started working on my Warrant Officer Packet for 153A. I am studying for the SIFT test and also already have my Flight Physical Scheduled with my BDE PA as I am in an AVN BDE right now. My question is do I have to fill out the DA Form 160-R, Application for Active Duty, even though I am already on Active Duty?

I already can tell I will have a lot of questions during this packet but will be using all resources within my BDE as well as all of you who have been great help to me with many things in the past. Thank you in advance for any help.
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BTW, it is explained on this page


Q: Why am I applying for WO, US Army Reserve, I want to serve on active duty?
A: Don't worry; you will be serving on active duty. All warrant officers receive their appointment in the U.S. Army Reserve as a WO1. This is why you check “Warrant Officer - Army Reserve” in block 1 of the DA Form 61. A Reserve appointment does not affect your pay or type of service. You will serve full time on active duty and will receive the regular active duty pay for WO1. You will be tendered Regular Army upon your promotion to CW2. Note that packets are no longer being accepted if block 1 is check incorrectly

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