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I'm a SFC nearing 2yrs TIG and 14yrs TIS. I was DA Select for Recruiting detail. I'm wondering if this is considered a broadening assignment as a SFC. I'm already in a generating force position (I'm an Instructor, so I'm making the super-exciting move from TRADOC to USAREC). The PDM for my MOS states that Recruiting is an excellent generating force assignment for SSGs and even SGTs. But as a SFC? I have absolutely no desire to change to 79R. I'll hit my first look for MSG mid-tour with recruiting. I doubt this will look favorable versus my peers who are off doing actual career-enhancing assignments commensurate with their grades.

Does anyone have any first hand experience with this? I get it. The needs of the Army trumps the needs of the individual Soldier. But honestly, I'd rather "pump gas for the Army than be a Recruiter." (I saw that somewhere else in this forum.) I'm not going to perpetrate some shady business in order to get out of the assignment. I'm not that guy.

What I've heard from nearly everyone I've spoken with is that being a non-79R in USAREC is basically being in an E-6 position.

And every senior NCO I've spoken within my field agrees that DA selection should be reserved for high-speed SSGs. Considering the difficulty of making SFC in my MOS, I can't fathom the logic of my branch for putting my packet forward. I'd email my branch manager but I think I need some time to calm down first.

Anyone else been in this position? I don't need any of the "suck it up, SFC responses." I want some actual insight in the ploy of a branch detailed SFC working at a recruiting station and whether or not he or she felt competitive afterwards (or during)for MSG.

Also, I've asked for advice from numerous different channels. I've trolled this forum a bit and figured why not give it a shot. Please don't make me regret my decision.
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I am not a recruiter but I believe you feel that getting back to a job that deals with your MOS will be better served for you picking up E-8 in the future. But I do not think that getting selected will be a bad thing and due to your rank will lead you immediately to a Station Commander role which will look great on your NCOERs and will also provide that good chance at E-8. My old OPS NCOIC told me that he easily picked up 8 due to his time on recruiting duty.

Just my two-cents.
Gotta disagree with you about Station Commander just cause of rank. There may be an exception I haven't heard of, but they always like to keep a 79R in that slot.

He will end up being an assistant SC, unless he develop enemies quickly, or is real bad at Recruiting (not saying he is, but some Soldiers can talk a person out of joining, and not even realize it).
Precisely my concern. 79R's are spread out in every station from what I understand. I guess it boils down to my people skills and my region. Regardless, I'm all about it now. TRADOC's getting old and there's no other place to go, per branch. I'll still have nearly 4 years after I get off recruiting to do cool stuff in my MOS. Every assignment I've had in my career has been vastly different than the last. If I suck at recruiting, it indicates a flaw in my "total Soldier" package. I'll just work on college and tech certs in my spare time, neglecting any kind of social life, while I'm out there.

Bottom line, I'm just gonna stay positive.
The only wisdom I have for you is for you to attempt to get your demographic matched. If you are a city guy, go to a city. If you are country, go to the country. If you speak Spanish, try to get a large Spanish community.

In the end the Army will put ya where you are needed, but there will be no excuses (even though they can be valid) in Recruiting if you don't produce. I know for me personally, not speaking Spanish and working out of the Bronx, it was a big language handicap when talking with some parents.

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