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I just returned from Iraq and I recieved orders for recruiting! I don't want to be a recruiter so I need some help with options on getting out of this mess. I don't want to sign a DEC statement for I love the Army and want to stay in, but I would rather deploy again for a third time then be a recruiter. Any advice would be grateful.
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Just dont show up. Talk with your chain of command and find out if they will support you as far as no administrative action.

All that will happen is USAREC will report to your BN that you were a no show and then your BN takes it from there. So if your chain supports you then your good.

I know thats not the "right" answer by telling you to do that but hey I am just answering his question before everybody jumps all over my post.
Not showing up is not good advice. I just got out of recruiting school and the instructors where talking about people who do that and it does no good. ALl thats going to happen is later you will come back up on assignment again. SO basically if your branch wont try to get you something else you have no choice but to show up. NOw if you get there and fail test twice you will get kicked out , trust me I just graduated and they will send you home. Im not advisiing you to do that. Failing your pt test wont get you kicked out either, theyll just call your command when your done and make you take it at the unit. So you have no options but to show up and decide if your willing to look like a dirt bag by failing a test. Trust me I diddnt want to be a recruiter either and still dont.
well I'm going around to every company and seeing if there is another e-5 that meets requirements and try a one for one swap. I also talked to my chain of command and there going to talk to the BC and SGM for me. What if I "suddenly" came down on orders for another school like Ranger or what not, and I missed my report date for recruiter? Again, I love the Army and my job, but recruiting just ins't for me. Nothing against recruiters, my hats off to them for what they can put up with.
If you don't show up for school, your date will be readjusted in the system for a later report date. USAREC has a lot of pull when it comes to assignments and as long as you are showing on orders for Recruiting, you cannot be locked in for any other schooling or assignments. Since your not an Initial Term Soldier, your going to either take the assignment or DCSS if you don't have the time to complete a three year tour. If you sign the DCSS, then you could end up on a short tour (like Korea) and then ETS. If you try to have the DCSS removed and it gets approved, you can only reenlist for Option-1 Regular Army for four years at which time you'll probably be back on assignment for Recruiter. Frowner In no way do I favor DCSS, unless you a absolutely sure your getting out. DCSS keeps you from being promotable, no advance schooling, I wouldn't advise the DCSS.
SGT, bsaically that swap thing is not going to work. You can see if your SGM call call up and do some pulling for you but IMa tell you , I worked directly for a 2 star general and he couldnt even get me out of this mess. BUt try but not shwoing up is not a option. Basically theres the Army and theres USARES and once USAREC has its locks in you your going to be a recruiter unless you dont make it through the school. ANd even then they might get you for a later class date down the line. It happened to a guy during my school. HE failed the first week and as we were about to graduate he called back and said that he was on orders to recrutiing school again.
Just so you know deployment orders trump recruiting orders. We had a few guys who didnt get thier clearance back yet at the end of school and the were told that if they got orders to deploy before the clearance came back then the depolyment orders trumped coming out to recruiting!! I know you just got back but hey get back on the plane..lol!
I just want you to know USAREC is like the Mafia if they dont get you now they will get you later. I diddnt do a packet, i diddnt do the the mental evaluation. But i still was sent. The only way out is if you dont pass the test and thats not even a sure way.
Good luck
I do agree with USAREC being the Mafia. Here is my story and how it went down. I went to SFAS in Sep 08 ended up basically shattering my leg. I got back on Thursday afternoon and found out that I would report to Ft. Jackson the following Monday for Recruiter School. Now Im here recruiting. One thing they dont tell you is that being out here actually hurts your promotion. When I say that this is what I mean. The only way to get promoted as far as SGT to SSG is to get your recruiter ring and no other way. I told my station commander many times that I would like to attend the promotion board and he said he would send me. So 2 boards went by and nothing. His response was that CSM will not promote anybody unless they have their recruiting ring. Speaking of how to get out and this is how you do it. Many times I have brought up the idea about going back to SFAS and have been shot down. One thing to realize about this is you are still 11B and still part of Infantry branch as a detailed recruiter. After months of trying to getting around this whole problem I decided to call my SF recruiter for some help. There is no way for USAREC to stop you from attending SFAS however, you may still go to SFAS but you will have to complete your tour of duty as a recruiter but speical operations will cut you orders within a month or 2 to attend Q-course. USAREC is not the regular army and anybody whos been in can justify this. They do believe and do things that creats toxic leadership. My advice to you who plan on staying in after USAREC dont fall into sloppy habbits it will come back to haunt you.

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