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I'm on my second enlistment with more than 4 years for pay purposes. I'm stationed OCONUS and recently came down on orders to a CONUS duty station and signed a DCSS. My original ETS date is 17 July 2010. It says I'm offered Voluntary Separation. I want to take advantage and get out sooner to jump right into my career waiting for me. Does anyone know the necessary steps to take in order to do this because my chain of command is giving me the run around now that I am no longer interested in "staying army". Please, only helpful inquiries.
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Originally posted by swarmz86:
It says I'm offered Voluntary Separation.

...Please, only helpful inquiries.

Ask S-1 or ACAP, they should be able to help out.

As for the second sentence above, what is an inquiry? Why would we be inquirying?
-Since this is your first post here, you might consider how you'd feel if someone you've never met busted into your house and immediately asked for help, in a KIND OF polite manner.

Point is, in the future, you'll get better help and friendliness if you consider where you're posting, who you're talking to, what you're saying, and HOW you're saying it. Smiler
-If you "lurk" (read without posting) this board you'll see there's a lot of (helpful) smart aleks here. A large number of them are NCOs or wannabe NCOs..

And yes, apparently I'm bored to have written all that. Time to go- good luck and godspeed w/ civilian life!
Originally posted by swarmz86:
Thanks AutobahnSHO, I meant to put "only helpful responses to my inquiry" but it came out wrong.
Alright, I'll pay them a visit and see what I can find out.
Thanks again.

You're welcome-
I still fail to see how asking that people only post helpful responses does you (or the forum,) any good. It's like ASKING for someone to come and mess around inthe post. Smiler
And if someone posts a Non-helpful response, what then? are you going to beat them up over teh interwebz? Big Grin Big Grin

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