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Most of the information you get about Delta is just going to be rumors and hear-say. It's my understanding that you won't even know about Delta until you hit E-5, in which you are given on breafing on the unit. If you hold any hopes of joining the unit, you have a long road ahead of yourself. Solid grasp in SF or Rangers is the place to start. Be qualified in everything you can be, be in the best shape you can be in, and the determination that can carry the weight. Get at least a BA in political science, international relations, ect. Do that and you [u:152298559e][b:152298559e]might[/b:152298559e][/u:152298559e] be considered for selection, but we're not even talking about standards yet. I'm not really sure what you're looking for as far as information, be a little more specific.
That's not all true. I am currently in a line unit in the 82nd (Well in a few weeks going to SWTG) and me and my roommate just went to SFOD-D briefing the other day... You only have to have 2.5 years in the service, be a Spec-4 all the way through to MSG, have a GT of 110 (no waiver), I think you also have to be older than 21, and be airborne qualified...
There is no clear definition of what 'delta force' really is. My opinion is that there is no specific unit with the name delta force, and the name itself is basically from hollywood. What we do know is that they are SF that specialize in Counter-Terrorism and unconventional warfare. So goto your local SF briefing, get in an SF unit and then whatever part of SF interests you focus on getting into that(whether it be unconventional warfare, CT, search and rescue, etc.). Don't go special forces with the sole goal of being in a fabled unit. Find something you like and do it.
You guys are right, for the most part. Delta Force is an SF element. In the SF community there are Operational Detachments. ODA(which you always hear about)- Operational Detachment Alpha, ODB- Operational Detachment Bravo, ODD-Operational Detachment Delta (Delta Force). Special Forces(ODA) handle everything from Unconventional Warfare, Direct Action, Counter Terrorism, Foreign Internal Defense, etc. Delta Forces specializes in Counter Terrorism actions and Hostage Rescue. You don't hear about these missions because you are not suppose to. The "Black Army" or "Black Operations". When you get into Delta Force you are erased from the Army- Your records, your assignments and you are erased. You don't have to be SF or a Ranger to become Delta Force. After you make it as an operator, more than likely you'll be sent to those schools to enhance your skills and knowledge. Did you guys know that the former Army Chief of Staff, GEN Schoomaker, was a Commander in a Delta Force Unit? I think a soldier should go SF first, spend some time on a team then apply for Delta Force. Do good research, find a mentor, and know WHY you want to go. Although I'm not SF yet I've talked to many SF and Ranger guys and I've learn a lot about it. By no means do I want you to think theses are 100% true facts, this is what I've learn and what I believe to be true. There are a number of books to read and websites to review to get you in the right mindset.

Books to Read:
-Get Selected, by MAJ Joe Martin and MSG Rex Dodson
-The Raid, by Benjamin F. Schemmer
-Bulletproof: The Making of an Invincible Mind, by Chuck Holton (Movie or Book)
-The Ranger Handbook
-FM 21-20
-FM 7-8
-PAM 601-25

Websites to check out:

Good Luck!!
I know this post is old as shit, but to keep people from "rumoring" all over this forum, I'm going to put up some info. I also really hate it when PFCs get on an SF forum and talk about SF like they know...
First, Delta is no mythical secret like everyone thinks. There are plenty of resources available. Now, due to obvious security reasons, there isn't a lot of info on the training.
Secondly, they don't go looking for certain people. They recruit twice a year and it's worldwide.
Third, You'r record does not get erased. I've heard that so many times I want to puke. Otherwise there would be a bunch of retards running around all the time saying "I was Delta but my records are erased or blacked out so you'll never know". DERRRRR...
SFC Randall D. Shughart and MSG Gary I. Gordon were two members of Delta. If they didn't have a military record then why is there info posted all over the place???


The above site will help prove or disprove all rumors or facts.
Speculating here as i'm interested in SF Support. 1.) SF_sergeant is right, why would a soldiers record be erased? Makes no sense, there would be non existent? So how would one be identified in his own chain of command? By CaC card"? How he is non-existent...SMFH. Please all that non-existent record erasing stuff is pure BS. Even I know this as a itty bitty SPC in a LEG unit with no SF ties. Common sense you must use in order to get things sometimes.

2.) If I'm not mistaken, maybe I read wrong or information was incorrect. "Delta Force" is SFOD-D. Not the CHUCK NORRIS - Delta Force, although I liked those movies. I have been researching SF units and stuff for some time now. Just do lots of research, before you even think of going SF, SF Support, SOD-G, etc....Do some research, know what to expect, know what to look for, know what you want and if you have what it takes. Not everything is an easy path. I recently acquired about SF Support, and I've been studying SF for years, and still got the" Go back again and research" from them. Not that easy to get into, nor will you go there from a any other Non SF/SOC unit and think it will be easy and laid back. Earn your title, know your job and be part of that best of the best pyramid. Smiler
It looks like this topic is pretty old but just to put any doubts to rest, SF SGT is right.

Forget any rumors or anything you've seen in movies because it is most likely wrong. Most people like to talk about things they have no clue about.

Firstly, you do not need to be tabbed in any way to join their organization. If you want to be a support guy there then the only real requirement is that you volunteer for Airborne School and of course make it through their selection process. If you want to be an Operator then that's a different matter and requires a bit more work. A background in combat arms or special operations is a plus, but you can be a cook and become an operator if you have what they're looking for (though it's not likely).

Secondly, CAG is not looking to mold, teach, or train a guy into being a stud. If you do not already possess the appropriate physical fitness, intelligence level, maturity, and attitude that they expect, then you'll be wasting everyone's time by applying. The thing that people need to keep in mind is that CAG is not a job or MOS. Being that level of an Operator is a way of life. You don't just punch out at the end of the day. So if you're a PFC who played some Medal Of Honor game and wanted to try it out for real, you might want to do a little research and check yourself.

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