Okay, I've seen a lot of people in uniform walking around with braces, how exactly are you to go about getting them. The dentist here says only if it's critical that you need them you get them, but are there that many critical people walking around or what? I think I need them, but according to the dentist here, I can't get them... help!
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when I was at Bragg, I was told I need braces because my upper left teeth go behind my lower left teeth, instead of slightly overlapping (which they are apparantly supposed to do), but I was given the option because it was a two year program and I was PCSing to Korea in 14 months. I elected to wait.

Went to Hood after Korea, asked the dentist about it. He asked "Does it bother you when you eat?" No, it doesn't. He then told me it was up to me, because it would be cosmetic only since it doesn't interfere.

I chose not to.

It all depends on where you are. If you can, ask for another dentist to look at you. Couldn't hurt.
Now that i'm thinking about it...when I got my wisdom teeth removed the guy wanted me to schedule to some sort of cosmetic jaw surgery but I told them no. My wife had her whole upper jaw removed and moved forward about 1/4 inch...all elective stuff they did for free.
Here's the thing. I had braces when I was younger (about 8 years ago) and I never got a retainer. Well, my bottom teeth are very crowded and sometimes when I eat, my bottom teeth shift and it's quite uncomfortable. I don't know, though. I really don't want to pay for this out of pocket....... :roll:
I am an Army Periodontist, so I will hopefully set the record straight.
Getting braces has nothing to do with a 'critical' position. At most posts, braces are only done on patients that will also need orthognathic surgery; surgery where the jaw bones are realigned by an Oral Surgeon. These are often done where there is an Oral Surgery Residency, or at posts, such as here at West Point. Here, the cadets get more consideration to have braces.
And, yes, there are times when an Orhtodontist will choose non-surgical case, because it will benefit the patient.
Most, if not all, orthodntics in the Army's view is elective. By regs, ortho can be refused, unless a patient has trouble functioning normally. In that case, a person is also usually kept from enlisting in the Army, in the first place. Kind of a catch-22.
I hope this helps.
Originally posted by Epic Honor:
[quote:ee912b9511="NASCAR#17"]whole upper jaw removed and moved forward about 1/4 inch.[/quote:ee912b9511]

OUCH!!! :shock: My mouth feels wierd just thinking about this... Red Face

It is pretty common surgery honestly, do it a lot.
Also to add too that, braces with your unit is something that you usually have to do yourself if your unit's mission allows. special circumstances play into the role where you are allowed to have them but to find an Army orthodontist at most posts is not possible, as the Army does not usually assign them to the majority of the dental clinics.

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