Deployed till late 2012, want to BEAR to 35P

I am concerned about

(1) securing a DLI class date for mid-2013 (because I re-deploy in late 2012), and

(2) being able to extend to attend DLI and follow on AIT training (because my ETS is May 2013)

I have a TS and my DLAB is good for all language codes.

When is the soonest I can reserve a seat at the language school for BEAR to 35P purposes? (remember that I re-deploy late 2012, so probably need to reserve a 2013 class start date)

If my ETS date is very close to the start date of a 15-month long language course followed by AIT at goodfellow, will I be able to extend under the BEAR program 36 months so I have the required 24 months afterwards?
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INTEL NCO is correct. I will note that it's not exactly easy to always get a class date that quickly to be honest. I missed my original class date because of OIF 1 (granted it was more complicated because 97E - now 35M - went to AIT THEN DLI whereas 98G - now 35P - went to DLI first) and waited 13 months for a new report date.
Not sure if you've found the answer to your question yet, but I ran into this same issue when I bear'd to 35P from Afghanistan in 2010. Branch knew I was deployed and made sure to give me enough time between redeployment and my class start date. About 8 months. Also I had to extend 4 years to ensure I had enough time to complete the training pipeline, 2 years of which were waiverable if I completed training early.

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