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I have been actively searching for a deployment through the websites. I was wondering if anyone has heard of or know of it being possible to deploy with a active duty unit. I know of a couple active duty units deploying and I was wondering if I could get a hold of them and see if they have any open slots,
Does any one know if that is possible?
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What is your MOS and what is your location and how long you been there?

If you are AD, you cannot just go to another unit at another base to deploy if you do not have enough time on station. You will have to deal with your branch manager as well for info and see if there are any augmentee requests for your MOS and grade.
I am a reservist. I am a 91B(wheeled mechanic). I already have my commanders approval to leave.

But I am going to submit a warrant officer flight packet, but before I do that. I want to have a deployment under my belt. Reason being, I do not want to become a warrant officer, or even a NCO with no deployment experience. It is just one of my requirements. I am asking about Active duty units because I want to deploy with a unit out of 10th mountain, or one similar. I have/had family in 10th mountain, so that is why it will be my preference to serve with them.

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