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I just got back in April from a 10 month deployment. I am now on assignment, and leaving my unit in October. I just found out that my unit is combinding my deployment award and PCS award together. This guidance was given to my NCOIC by our CSM. Now I think we have all heard that you cannot get an award that covers PCS and deployment...but where does it state that? I don't want to start a s**t storm, but I am sure that this is wrong, and want to keep others from not recieving proper recognition, or points.

I currently have 703 promotion points, and I am lacking in awards. I joined the Army from another branch, and didn't have personal awards, so that's what I'm missing most. I don't want the awards for recognition, but this situation is confusing and upsetting.

I appreciate any help that anyone can give.

SGT 25Bang
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Technically there is no such thing as a "deployment" award. It's just an award for service. So if your CSM wants one award for you to come across his desk instead of 2 then you're pretty much assed out. Were you a late deployer? Have you not been in the unit a long time? How much have you really done in Garrison as opposed to the deployment? Does it merit it's own award? You can try to send up multiple awards, but you said you don't want to start a shit storm. If you've done a lot and have strong bullets from garrison and the deployment then it should warrant you a strong award. I know that if I had to condense my PCS award and deployment award into one, I would have been recommended for an MSM. Instead I have two ARCOMs. Which didn't really matter anyways as I already had 90 points in awards. All I'm saying is that sometimes CSMs/Colonels, even First Sergeants and Commanders want funny things. If that's what they want then I would try to not rock the boat and take what I can get. Otherwise you run the risk of leaving with nothing. Yeah it's fucked up but it happens. I tell you what, you condense your PCS and Deployment award into one 638 and you should have some really strong bullets (assuming you actually work and got the mission done). Then in the block where you recommend what award you think you should get, put whatever you think that warrants in there, be it an ARCOM, MSM or whatever. The worse that will happen is it gets downgraded.
I know it's general courtesy to give deployment awards to soldiers who performed well during deployment, but is it actually mandatory? I had soldiers from my last unit telling me that most of the platoon didn't get EOT awards (hell 2 didn't get ETS awards). I agree with Erik to combine the strong points of your deployment and garrison. If you have some solid bullets, you may be able to pull off an MSM.
I do appreciate the responses. I'm gonna have to sit down with my NCOIC, and go over the bullets, and the recommended award. I wouldn't mind if I was being given an award that merits the two events combined. I agree with what you have to say, it just blows. Some commands tend to look out for their Soldiers more than most, and others act as if the awards are coming off their chests to be given out. Not saying they are handed out like candy, just that I have seen troops receive COAs for being outstanding Soldiers, and others got ARCOMs for the same if not less service.

Oh, the reason I did a 10 month deployment, was that I was redeployed early to go to recruiting school, then once I got back, my slot was pulled, and I went to BNCOC.

Again, thanks for all the guidance...I guess this time I'm the bug not the windshield.

SGT 25Bang
From my understanding, there is nothing that mandates that they have to give you either one. Awards should be given for good service, not just because you deployed, or are leaving your unit. If that were the case you would have a bunch of nondeserving s**t bag soldiers with different awards just because they deployed or went to a new duty station.

Like I said, awards should be given for the quality of your work and service, and for no other reason. And so if your command thinks you only deserve one award, then there is no reason to contest it.
Im deployed now with 1BCT 82ABN. Our mission here is a theatre response package at the disposal of the IJC commander. Thus far, 3 months in, we have done just about zilch, nada, zero but await for something to happen. Last week they put out that we need to start writing deployment awards for our soldiers. Except for exceptionally busy soldiers (RTO's and a few exceptional soldiers) i find no need for awards to be sent up (including myself) but its being shoved down our throats. Shows what leadership has become...
I was directed the same when I was in Afghanistan in 2012. So three months into my tour, I forecast for what my Soldiers would accomplish for their tour.

Training should be happening during down time as well as ranges. So an award can be conjured up during that time. Also, you could look at events that will warrant an impact award and put that in as an bullet.
An award can be written up by anybody at anytime for outstanding performance, now what gets approved is up to the higher command, depending on what was recommended different awards go higher up the chain. Most units out of common curtisy give awards for deployment but I am over here right now and one of the units that I work with only gave a very deserving a Letter of appreciation.

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