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For "deployment points" and Overseas Service Bars I am wondering how this is essentially calculated.

1st Deployment: 11-05-2003 to 05-01-2004 (6 months, 7 days)

2nd Deployment: 01-15-2006 to 02-18-2007 (13 months, 4 days)

3rd Deployment: 11-18-2013 to 07-28-2014 (8 months, 11 days)

I THINK for Service Bars I am authorized to wear 5 bars, following the 1 day rule into the next month constitutes an entire month.

However, for the "deployment points" I think I'm only authorized to claim 27 months since I never went past 15 days into the new month. Possibly 28 if those extra days are cumulative.

Also, during the first deployment we were extended until July 2004, but I did not catch it when I left Active back in 2007. I have a memo stating such, and a Presidential Unit Citation that at least covers our time during June 2004. Is there a way I can officially have those months count on my records? It has been one of those annoying instances where I know it happened (turned 21 in Iraq, in June 2004 -- can't forget that birthday), but have little documentation to support it.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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I deployed once to Iraq and twice to Afghanistan for a total of 33 months (all counted on my ORB) and I rate 5 service bars (three months short of a sixth). Every six months constitutes one overseas service bar.

With your 27 months, you rate 4 service bars. You lack nearly three months for a fifth one.

I do not know if your iPerms carried over to your Reserves file but you should of received an amendment to your TCS orders due to an extension.

What will count in your OS service on your ERB, are your official TCS/deployment orders. Also, some deployments (such as humanitarian) do not rate overseas service bars. Where did you go for all those deployments?

Also, you should call/e-mail from your government e-mail your former unit's S1 for assistance.
Thanks for the response Chief.

I was getting mixed up with the entire day arrive/left countries. But, it appears that it doesn't matter assuming the deployment is over 6 months.

As for TCS orders...I have them for the 2013/2014 deployment, but while on active duty -- we never actually saw our orders. Or that of the extension. I have zero official orders that sent me to Iraq.

Also, due to poor performance on the part of our S-1, most of our ERBs were severely lacking. At the time of my ETS, I apparently did not care as I was sure I wasn't ever going to do the "army thing" again. Few years later, I joined the Reserves and have been kicking myself in the rear for not being more proactive back then.

As for contacting my previous unit, they are currently de-activated but will be re-activated in the coming months (1-37 AR BN). I might be able to contact the brigade to see if they have any records on file pertaining to the 2003-2004 deployment orders/extension.

As for the type of deployments, they would all qualify since the Iraq tours were combat tours, and the most recent was a support tour in Afghanistan. All were conducted in support of OIF/OEF in combat zones.
Sorry to hear about your S1 but you should then contact its brigade. Their Brigade S1 should be able to assist.

Trust me, 25 years later, I have people who manage my records always tell me what is missing it in for my promotion board file.

Everything that is listed on your ERB/ORB should be in your iPerms. BTW, that is now going to be changed just to SRB (service record book); similar to the Marine Corps term.

So here is a story, I have had my Marine MUC on my ORB (and previous ERB for eons) and its on my Marine DD 214 but I was then told to get the MUC award memo for it and that happened in 1988. I did not have the memo.

Last year, I found the person in Quantico (searched online) and after providing proof of myself and the unit, I was sent the memo to be placed in my files.

Also, I have had great S1s that I will get automatic notices in my AKO/DISA email that showed an amendment to my TCS orders was placed in my iPerms. Amendments that happened due to date changes and funding codes.

When we redeployed, I received redeployment memos that shows the awards that I rated and proper count of overseas service bars.

I also had to get my Iraq orders in 2005 to be uploaded into my iPerms. I did that two years ago.

The point is, that you should have your "I love me" book current and get relevant documents uploaded to your iPerms. It will then always be a part of your permanent digital record. I got stuff in my iPerms since 1983.

My former XO e-mailed me last year because my brigade at Fort Carson was awarded a MUC, for its 2012 deployment. I immediately had my S1 upload it to my iPerms and get it counted on my ORB.

And what is driving this? Your file should be immaculate due to issues of stolen valor and because they have been service members who embellished their service records. If your records are proper, nobody will be able to question your history. You have had E-9s who got busted down to wearing ranger tabs and saying they deployed to areas that they never did. Officers too.

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