Good Morning fellow soldiers! What is your opinion on soldiers (NCOs) not having a deployment under their belt? Do you think it makes them less of a leader if they are without one? Do you think there will still be opportunities for those soldiers without deployments to get one? Honest replies. Thanks!
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I agree to a certain extent, deployments can develop a leader in ways that garrison cant, but garrison experience can teach things that combat cant either, ive met all sorts, and those with leadership in both enviroments are sometimes the better of the two but there are always exceptions.
Well being in the signal, sometimes it is hard to get a deployment. Take for instance, I am a 25P (tactically trained). First duty station was at Bragg and deployed but the unit disbanded and then I got stuck in the stratgic world for my last 3 assignments. My current Brigade CSM hasn't deployed. With his ASI they don't deploy (ever!!!). So for some of us it is hard to get those all important deployments.
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Are you just referring to combat deployments or other types of deployments like humanitarian ones. Meaning if you don't see a patch does not mean they never deployed.

@The WiseChief, I'm referring to combat deployments(OIF,OEF) which unfortunately means if "I dont see that patch, you never deployed."
In a few more years, hopefully NO ONE will have to deploy for a while! Does that make all those Soldiers less than capable??

It took me more than 5years after 9/11 to go on my first deployment- was I an ineffective Soldier (NCO)?? Even on deployment, I've never shot at a bad guy, does that make me less of a Soldier?

Nothing substitutes for deployment experience, obviously. But good Soldiers are everywhere. I try not to judge until I see their performance of their current assigned duties.

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