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My spouse Deros just changed ,which moved us up 11months earlier, would this be due to him being picked up as a warrant? Also his school date is about a month after his Deros date ends? Is this normal? Will they have you pcs before school starts?
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Do not worry about DEROS. I got selected for Warrant three months after I arrived to Germany and PCSed after ten months on station.

Tell your husband to await for his RFO (request for orders), all the instructions are listed in there.

He will receive an e-mail from his branch manager with his RFO or to go here and select My Request for Orders. They will be there once they are submitted by his branch manager.

Good luck.
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Thanks Wisechief for responding, I really appreciate it, I will let my spouse know the information. Wisechief I have a question for you because you were in Germany did you go back and get your family after woc?

I did not really know about the leaving the family in Germany option (TDY and return to possibly PCS). And I honestly thought I could PCS my family to Fort Gordon (I received two orders, one to WOCS in Rucker and the other to WOBC at Gordon), but when I arrived to Gordon before heading to WOCS, I was told that since I was officially a WO1 (as the rank of my orders had shown), I could not put my family in housing since I was still currently an NCO (E-6).

So, I had my wife and kids stay with friends and family in New York until I graduated WOCS. I actually PCS from Germany in Jan 2008 and did not arrive to WOCS, the first week of March. I did some SRAP (recruiter assistance) and took a month leave before driving to Georgia from New York.

When I was told that I could not move my family on the government dime to Georgia until I was officially a WO1, I took some more leave and then went to Rucker for 6 weeks. Again, the rationale is that is you fail WOCS, then your branch has to delete and re-cut new orders on where you will go. If you fail WOCS, you really do not want to return to your former unit because it will be a personal embarrassment to deal with that.

Upon graduation, I went back to New York and my WOBC report date was a month after my WOCS graduation. Since my daughters were in school, I kept them up NorthEast and heading to Gordon again alone and got the house. WOBC was a six-month PCS for me (I am Signal). My family did not arrive to Gordon until I went and picked them up for the fourth of July holiday four-day weekend back in 2008.

Anyway, the six out of 18 active duty in the class, received our RFOs for our next assignment, three months into our WOBC.

And guess where I was going? To the same place back in Germany lol So I PCSed twice within a one-year period. And that happened to me again, last year. Smiler

I was the only active member in my class to PCS overseas and to this day, I wonder why. I told branch that I would have love to remain stateside but I believe, since I just did 10 months that first time in Germany, my branch manager sent us back, so we can do our three years in Germany.

So, on my record brief, I have a 10-month tour to Germany and immediately a 35-month tour and there are both considered completed overseas tours that are added to my army overseas ribbon. Actually, my overseas number now has the number 6 in it. Twice for Germany, Twice for Afghanistan, once for Iraq and one for Korea.

If your husband is going Aviation and his school is for 18 months, you will PCS with him to Rucker but I do not know your husband's MOS that he got selected to Warrant in.
Thanks again Wisechief for responding, Thank you for the details as I love details,well my husband is not aviation he is 35f but schooling for him is way less than 6 months. I guess the reality is he will just have to wait for his Rfo and then go from there. We will be at our current station 2 yrs before he leave, so it will be surprising to see where we end up at next.I have heard so many conflicting stories about getting an Rfo before Woc even started, so that is why I ask. At this point we can count on staying here until he is done with wobc. Wisechief if there is an exodus between your next school date will they send you home or keep you at the schoolhouse? Thanks for everythingSmiler
So, yes in his case, since his WOBC is a TDY, you would remain at your current duty station until you know know where his first assignment as a WO1 will be.

Also, Exodus is a term used in basic and AIT. But from personal experience with my advance course training; every year the last WOAC class (for my MOS) has graduated before Thanksgiving and the new class starts after New Years.

Again, he should have received his welcome and congratulations e-mail from proponent. And it should have a POC in it, to answer any questions he has as he moves forward on his WO journey.
Thanks again Wisechief, thanks for correcting me on that Exodus thing, I should have said during the Christmas break, oh well.. If there are any questions I will definitely have him reach out to the contacts on the email, I just simply like coming here to here the opinions and how someone else story panned out. It looks like things may be similar but at the end of the day everyone story is unique and tailored. Im excited with him to move forward with this new Journey. Thanks again , I really appreciate itSmiler you have always answered and steered this spouse and my husband in the right direction alone with the others. I/we appreciate you taking the time out of your day to do what you do Smiler

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