I've been trying to research this topic from 670-1, and what I found out is that yes, black leather boots and the desert issued boots are allowed to be worn in accordance with the approval of the commander and as long as the boots are in accordance with CTA 50-900. Only problem is, I've been having hardcore trouble attempting to find an online publication for CTA 50-900. Israeli's have tanker boots and also I believe the german army has been issued them. If you get any word please reply. -Pyko19k
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When I graduated from Knox on Oct 1st, 2004, we were not issued the boots, but were able to buy them from the Military Clothing Store and wear them. Most of the TCs in the 1-81, 2-81 and 3-81 there wore them. I have no clue about the desert issue, never even saw a pair. I've been wearing my black ones, but I'm also ARNG, and well, you know all those rumors about use being ate up... they aren't always untrue. Heh. But my unit is highspeed and deployed (as 11Bs, unfortuneately) and my commander wears his tanker boots as do many of us. Probably not much help, but that's all I've got.
Here's the lowdown man, you are authorized to wear tanker boots once you are on a table 8 qualified tank crew. As far as I know there are no desert tanker boots out yet, but in the Army times they stated that once they become available that more than likely us qualified 19k will be able to wear them.
Check it out fellow tankers,
First, yes there is a desert tanker boot made by the wonderful people at The Dehner Company, Inc. Visit their website and check it out. They give you an Adobe form to download, print, fill out, send in, and then receive custom desert tanker boots.
Second, just like everything in the Army, it is at the commander's discretion for wear. So if he says, "No you can't wear them." then drive on and go to the next level in your chain of command and give an argument about preserving customs, courtesies, and most important, TRADITION. I'll bet if you use tact and show a real passion for your argument, the old man will allow it.
Page 157 in AR 670-1, Sec. 27-3:Boots, combat, leather, black... SubSec. (d) Para (3) clearly defines this. Now if you are a true tanker, you won't take no shit from someone wearing shiny rank because even though he may be your commander, he is still a soldier just like you and me. BUT like all situations, use tact and show the man respect for the rank he wears. He does after all have the power to make your time with him a living hell.

Always willing to help the tank corp keep it's traditions.
Supertankman23 SSG O'Connor
I was under the Impression you could not just buy tanker boots and wear them. You had to earn them.

Hmm Bravo 2-81 here. None of my drills wore them but our CO did and let me tell ya. they look highspeed.
You need to have been on a tank crew that qualified on table 8 at gunner to wear tanker boots. CIF use to issue winter tanker boots though and because of that you could just wear them without even qualifying on table 8, but they don't do that anymore.
Hi all. I was a tanker for four years. OPFOR in Ft. Irwin and 1st Armored Division in Germany. Needless to say, I used to wear tanker boots. When in Germany we always purchased the German ones because the straps were much wider and high speed looking.

I've been out of the Army forever but am about to reenlist. I am too tall to go back in tanks (they added a height restriction since I've been out). I'd love to wear my tanker boots again, esp those cool desert ones they came out with....but are only personnel CURRENTLY in an armor unit allowed to wear them? Or are they kind of like a ribbon, once earned you get to keep the priviledge permanantly? I might join up as 25V, which is pretty far away from being a tanker, but still hoping someone here can tell me if I can wear my tanker boots even if I've reclassified?
thanks for any info

The wearing of Tanker boots is up to your Cdr. If he/she says it's ok, then it's cool. But I would suggest get a memo saying so and put it in your wallet, in case you run into a "reg hound non- tanker" at the PX or something especially if you are on a post where there are few Armor personnel.
PS ..oldironsides,

If I wanted to get back in tanks, I would try to get a height wavier. Make them show you in the Reg where it says its non-waverable. if they can't produce it...Ask to see the station commander..if he wont help you ask to talk to his first Sgt and i bet you'll see results (if it can be done).
MSG High, thanks for the input. The current height limit is 6'1" and yes no where that I can find says it is or isn't waiverable. I'm 6'4". I never was the loader on a tank, because I literally couldn't function effectively in the loader position rotating the rounds, so I get the reason for the height restriction. My recruiter is going to get the BN cmdr to look into it to see if I might not be grandfathered in (no joke about my age please :-). I don't mind the idea of doing something a tad less high speed like 25V if it keep me around combat arms guys in some capacity.

I do think carrying around some memo about tanker boots is a damn good idea and if that comes to pass I'll definately request that sort of thing. If I can't get back in tanks, the likelihood of being surrounded by non-tankers is pretty high. I do have my authorization for the Oldironsides combat patch from the Gulf War so at least there is that obvious connection on my right sleeve :-)
Hey im gonna be switching to Tanker through the retain program here in the next couple of months. Can anyone tell me what tanker life in garrison is like? Thanks for the input

for a MOS 19K job description go to: http://usmilitary.about.com/od/enlistedjobs/a/19k.htm

this will give you a pretty good idea what is expected. Although with the current war time situation you will be required to perform dismounted operations from timt to time. Tankers generally consider this to be degrading, but its a its nessesary due to the size of the current force. The moto "death before dismount" harkens back to a day when we had 13 combat divisions. Units like the 3rd ACR stay mounted as much as possible and have really given the enemy fits on the syrian border.

AIT.. I9K basic and AIT are done in the OSUT (one station unit training) format. what that means to you is.. you will basically fall in on the AIT portion of that training. That should be the last 6-8 weeks of the course. You will proably be billited in the permenant party area apart from the trainees and given a training schdule outlining class times and locations. most will be at Holder Complex and COFT site, both are with in walking distance. The training schdule will tell you where to meet transportation to more remote training locations.

hope that helps...good luck
Ok, been hearing this for a while, and it's time to put it to bed.
I graduated from 19E10 M-48/M-60 Armor Crewman AIT in the Summer of 1989. I was in D-4-13, and the previous summer I was in A-3-81. And back then, when you graduated, you were officially a tanker. You didn't have to do anything else. Hell, you survived several weeks of training, went thru 5 Mil Stakes tests (I know, now it's called Warrior Stakes, or some such), and you were official.You could wear the boots, and when you got to your duty station no one said a thing because you had been thru basic to earn them. I served both reserve and Active Duty (2-77 and 1-68 in Ft. Carson, 4th ID back in the 90's) and took a break in service in 2001. I didn't hear about this "you gotta qualify to wear them" horseshit til I got back in three years ago.
I don't know where it started, but I would assume some cheap ass old bastard who was hitting his RCP (retention control point)with a nasty attitude started it by screwing with some new guys ( I was at Carson in the 90's, lot of old broke dick fat asses with bad attitudes there and then, and f***ing the new buddies was a past time.)
But it's a myth. You go thru that school, and make it, you get your boots. Provided the CO permits. But every CO I had wore his(and considering that OBC or whatever they call it now) was only a couple of weeks long, I'm sure if a New butterbar was permitted without shooting a gunnery, then so should a new boot fresh from Knox.
Also, I've been on crews where the loader and driver were high speed, and the gunner/TC combo wasn't worth a blue f***. How are you gonna punish a new driver/loader when the TC/Gunner were f***bags?
Let's put the myth to bed: Graduate from 19K10 school, and get your boots.
what old head tanker says is absolutely incorrect, i am a tanker right now and you will qualify a tank table 8 before you wear tanker boots. sorry head but maybe in the 90's when you were in you could wear them straight out of basic but not any more. I am at Ft Knox as an instructor putting these privates through and there is no way in hell these privates deserve to wear tanker boots for basic training, basic is a joke now a days it is not hard and you could do it with your eyes closed now. the drill sergeants and nco's hands are tied so tight you can barely get away with yelling at a private. end statement though lets not just give tanker boots as a freebie just because you graduate basic training big whoop go qualify a gunnery with a highly trained crew and put some meaning back into the tanker boots.
I will claim ignorance on some of the traditions of my fine combat arm brothers. I am an 11A in a Warrior Transition Unit. We have a 06 Brigade Surgeon who wears Tanker Boots, I guess they could be prior service, but I don’t think there have ever been female tankers. I could be wrong.

I look at the tanker boots like my Blue Infantry Cord and my Combat Spurs; something you earn. Seems everyone here is too afraid to say something because of the rank involved, but I don’t care. I just want to make sure I have my facts straight before I say anything.
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