Digital/Hand Signature

AR 623-3

j. Signatures. Digital signatures are the standard for evaluation reports; however, manual, handwritten, ink signatures
are authorized under extreme circumstances. Digital signatures require the use of a CAC; digitally signed evaluation
reports will be submitted to HQDA using the "My Forms" Portal on AKO. When digitally signing an evaluation report
is not possible, an ink signature may be entered on a completed evaluation report (printed with full nine-digit SSNs for
the rated Soldier and senior rater as a minimum) and mailed to USAHRC (AHRC–PDV–ER) (address in app F). As an
exception, units deployed to a contingency theater of operations without the use of CAC or the capability to submit
reports using the "My Forms" Portal on AKO are authorized to submit scanned copies of ink-signed reports from the
deployed location to HQDA under the Evaluations-by-E-mail Attachment Program.

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